H&M Fashion Against Aids Party



H&M’s limited edition fashion against aids line launched May 20th worldwide. In NYC, the launch kicked off the night before with a party at the 42nd street location. There was quite a large turnout, with a couple hundred people shopping the collection, and sipping on cocktails like vodka lemonades while milling around the store.



Battle of the bands winners White Lights performed half way through the event, entertaining party goers and getting the models showing off the collection to start dancing.

White Lights
White Lights.

The models seemed to be having the most fun of all!

Everything in the store (excluding the FAA collection) was 20% off, so I scooped up some bracelets and headbands I’d been lusting over, along with the zebra print FAA maxi dress, which was already a deal at $24.99.


Some great jewelry, and accessories like headphones, beach chairs, and scarves are also included in the collection:


One of my favorite pieces is this sequined jacket:

The collection also includes good looking menswear! The grey “band jacket” is another favorite of mine:

I swear someone I know owned this exact dress in the 80’s:
Not my style, but could be cute on the right person.


25% of the sales price of all FAA garments are directly donated to HIV/AIDS awareness projects.
The line is available now in over 200 H&M’s worldwide, but many pieces are selling out fast!
More info on the FAA project is available atDesigners Against Aids.



3 thoughts on “H&M Fashion Against Aids Party

  1. Fabulous photos, as always. I feel like I’ve probably asked you this before, but what camera and lens do you use? Do you know if there’s a list of participating H&M stores selling the FAA collection?


    • Sorry I seem to be 100years late replying to comments! I use a Canon D-60. Which is actually rather old! The lens I use most (and used here) is a 50mm 1.4. It’s made a HUGE difference in the quality of my photos. I found mine on amazon (it was $50-60 cheaper there than camera shops).


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