Memorial Day at Coney Island

Coney Island 9

Yesterday, along with half the population of New York City, I went to Coney Island. I was already exhausted after a long weekend with friends, the trains were hot and crowded, and the beach and boardwalk much the same. Not the best day for me to be around thousands of shoving strangers. The two friends I was due to meet up with got into a fight and left right after I arrived.

Coney Island 12

Thankfully after wandering around taking some photos and hanging out on the Boardwalk for a bit, my friend Kristabel arrived and saved the day. We didn’t hang out for much longer, but had a few laughs at the world’s worst street style (someone needs to document that asap. I was much too scared!), and strange men who barked like dogs and yelled in spanglish. After picking up some souvenirs, we headed home.

At least I got some fun photos in the midst of all the chaos:

Coney Island 8

Coney Island 10

Coney Island 6
Only after I was home editing my photos did I notice the hilarity I’d captured in the forefront of this photo. Two men who’s pants are pretty much falling off.

Coney Island 7
This wasn’t even half of the beach crowd!

Coney Island Self Portrait
Self Portrait.

Coney Island 4

While we waited in line to buy water, we made a new friend:
Coney Island Crazy Dog
He was completely and utterly bonkers.

Coney Island 2
Coney Island Beach Shop.

Coney Island 1

I love Coney Island, but next time, I’m not going on a holiday weekend!


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