Rhyannon 34

I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot with my friend Rhyannon pretty much since the day we met. I can’t remember the exact day, but considering there was still snow on the ground, I know it’s been quite a while. Friday, our schedules finally converged and we made it happen.

Rhyannon 6
Preparing for the shoot.

Rhyannon’s style is very similar to my own back when I was in high school. For lack of a better word, it’s goth. Recently, she’s been highly influenced by the character Lydia Deetz in “Beetlejuice”. She reminds me of a cross between Lydia and Roison Murphy. I see a bit of Kate Winslet in her eyes too.

Most of what she wears is vintage or clothing she inherits from friends. Together, we styled her own wardrobe mixed in with a few of my accessories like sunglasses and jewelry to create these looks.

Rhyannon 7
The accessories table.

Rather than playing dress up, we set out to document her own style and personality.

Rhyannon 32

Rhyannon 3
I’ve decided against removing my reflection from her sunglasses.

Rhyannon 5

Rhyannon 9

Rhyannon 10

Rhyannon 18

Rhyannon 12
Wearing my favorite thrift store find ever.

Rhyannon 2
My favorite shot.

Rhyannon 21

Rhyannon 22

Rhyannon 29

Rhyannon 27

Rhyannon 31

See the full photo set here.

2 thoughts on “Rhyannon

  1. Wow! These pictures are really fantastic! I hope that we can work together again (more than just today’s little “street style” shoot!) … We should test together or something! I would love to style a shoot with you or have you shoot me! Let’s be in touch!




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