Sneak Peak: Holiday Collections!

Once again, life seems to have sent me a million things to juggle at once. This week I’ve been searching for a new 3rd roommate (done!), working on multiple photo projects, preparing for my Dad’s move to the east coast, and then naturally, I got sick. I guess it’s just easier to blog every day when the weather isn’t so nice and sunny. : ) Next week, after the holiday, expect things to get back to normal around here. Starting with some holiday collection previews! I love summer, but am definitely feeling ready for fall after a long string of 90degree days. Even more so after seeing all the great clothes to come.

Get a sneak peak of the Twelfth Street and Barlow holiday collections:

Twelfth Street and Barlow Holiday

See the full collections here next week!


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Holiday Collections!

  1. Ooh, what an enticing image. I’m already making gimmie-gimmie-hands at that beautiful beaded grey shirt 🙂 I’ll be excited to see the rest of your photos whenever you get the chance to blog.


    • I think the 12th St and Barlow previews are my favorite every season. I literally want to buy it all! I got a lot of detail shots this time, so there should be plenty for you to drool over when I post them on Monday. : )


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