Alexander Wang Sample Sale: Starting Tomorrow!

EDIT: Looks like the sale is now open, a few hours early!

Earlier in the week while I was walking around shooting street style in Soho, I bumped into a bunch of interns unloading a truck full of clothing for the Alexander Wang sample sale.

Alexander Wang Sample Sale,The Greyest Ghost

I hung out for a few minutes watching the merchandise coming off the truck, but quickly decided there wasn’t anything I was really interested in. A lot of “sweats”: sweat pants, sweat shirts, sweat dresses, etc. Not really my thing. I didn’t see any shoes or bags being unloaded (what I’d be REALLY interested in), but has a preview of what’s to come and mentions a lot of accessories. Supposedly there will be over 8,000 items. The stacks of clothing I glimpsed before the windows were papered over were pretty massive. Madison Avenue Spy got a preview of the merch as well, and seemed to find better stock than what I saw. If there is something you desperately want, or you need a sold out size, I’d brave the expected insane line and check it out. Overall though, it doesn’t sound like the merch will be that much cheaper than current sale prices on sites like shopbop and La Garconne. The boots I wanted were (last time I checked) literally the same exact price online.

Alexander Wang,Alexander Wang,Sample Sale,Sample Sale,The Greyest Ghost,The Greyest Ghost


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