Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Resort: Shoes and Handbags Preview


A few weeks back, I was invited to the Twelfth Street showroom to scope out some gorgeous holiday clothing and accessories. You might have seen the “sneak peak” photo I posted before. Summer ended up overwhelming me with all of the fun events and exciting press previews I attended, and the trips I’ve taken out of town, but I’m finally playing catch up.

As usual, Twelfth Street and Barlow did not disappoint. I actually saw so many things I loved, I figured it would be best to split the posts in two as to not “overwhelm” you all!

Twelfth Streets shoes consistently captivate my attention every season. I love that classic styles, like the wedge, are updated and made new again with the addition of little details like mini studs:


Unlike some people, I’ll never tire of gladiator sandals!


The mini-stud details are also seen on heels and bags:



Tribal prints also make an appearance, including this gorgeous neon ikat print:


More gladiators!


One of my favorite things about Twelfth Street collections, is that they always include something for everyone. If flash prints or shiny details aren’t your thing, there are some beautiful classic pieces as well.





I can’t wait to share the clothing collection with you all, as soon as I’m home from my vacation. : )


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