Getting in the Spirit of Fashion Week S/S 2011

Before the start of each fashion week, I love to go through the last season’s photos reminiscing about my favorite New York Fashion Week moments.

Frank Tell: Sneak Peak
Frank Tell

I have some obvious favorites. But there are also hundreds of images that never get posted here, so I love re-discovering them sharing them with my readers.

Anna Sui 52
Anna Sui

Phillip Lim: Sneak Peak 2
Phillip Lim


Anna Sui 58
Anna Sui

Betsey Johnson 22
Betsey Johnson

Christian Siriano 9
Christian Siriano

Katie Gallagher 19
Katie Gallagher

Peter Jensen 26
Peter Jensen

Tim Hamilton 3
Tim Hamilton

Just over two weeks to go! I’ve got a lot to do beforehand, but I’m excited. I’m also finally back from vacation, so I’ll be glad to start posting a bit more regularly in preparation. : )

You can see photo sets from every show I shot here.

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