Gossip Girl Set Report: Meatpacking District

Yesterday while out shooting street style, I decided to check out the Gossip Girl film set at the Standard Hotel. Filming was up on the rooftop of the hotel, so I didn’t get a chance to get that many photos. But I did end up seeing a few of the show’s stars walking back and forth between their trailers and the set.

Right when I arrived, Penn Badgley walked past me into a waiting van. Shortly after, Blake Lively exited her trailer, but I wasn’t in a good position and only got a shot of the back of her head. At least it was cute! She was wearing her hair in a fishtail braid. I waited a little while longer (there were benches outside the standard, and I’d already walked a lot yesterday!) and then Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford appeared. They were nice and friendly to the waiting fans, as always.

Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford 1

Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford 3

Kelly stopped outside the hotel’s back entrance and posed for some photos with fans.

About fifteen minutes later, right before I was planning on leaving, Blake reappeared.

Blake Lively 1

She had her head down, and didn’t acknowledge any of her fans. Such a striking difference between now, and the friendly girl I worked on a photo set with three years ago. I’m sure paparazzi get irritating, but when you’re on set, it’s pretty much expected.

Blake Lively 2

Either way though, Blake looked cute. And I loved her Chanel bag! She quickly changed outfits, then came back out one more time before I left:

Blake Lively 5

Not sure if I’ll head back to the set any time soon. It’s just not as fun as it used to be. And obviously, it’s much easier to get good photos when the filming is actually occurring outdoors. Not sure if that’s a response to the increased paparazzi presence, or what, but it (outdoor shooting) doesn’t seem to be happening as frequently as it was last summer.


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