Fashion Week: Work in Progress

Some new readers of this blog have asked me if I’m going to be posting more photos of the shows I’ve attended so far. The answer is definitely YES! The sneak peaks I’ve posted are just teasers for what’s to come. I’ve been so busy going to shows, that there just isn’t any way for me to edit a few thousand photos a day, and write and publish posts, and sleep.

I don’t think anyone expects me to be and have a review and photos up and hour or two after a show. Please be patient, I promise it will be worth it. Ideally, I’ll have a half day of shows on Tuesday, so I’m hoping I can get at least a few posts up before fashion week is over. I’ve been doing photos AND video at a lot of the shows I’ve attended. I can’t wait to share them all with you. Here’s a list of what I’ve shot so far:

*ERRO *Vena Cava *Mandy Coon *Kim Ovitz *Billy Reid *Made Her Think *Jen Kao *Costello Tagliapietra * Rachel Antonoff *Yuna Yang *Katie Gallagher *Band of Outsiders *Chris Habana *Suno *Gary Graham *Altuzarra *Timo Weiland *Malandrino *Rebecca Minkoff *Diane von Furstenberg *Peter Jensen *Pamela Love *Alejandro Ingelmo

Sneak Peak: Diane von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenberg, September 12, 2010.


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