It seems fitting to start my first full review of NYFW off with the very last show I attended. Which of course, also happens to be the show with the most photos (Over 2,000 to be exact!). In all aspects, lamb was worth the wait, and to those of you curious to see more from the show, I think you’d agree.

I first started following the lamb brand back in 2005. It’s the one brand I own the most pieces from. And I’ve seen it evolve and watched it more closely than any other brand I can think of. What started as a small line of cute patterned dresses and sweaters, and a collection of tees/hoodies/sportswear, has slowly evolved into a full fledged fashion line. Contrary to what many think, this was not the first lamb runway show. It’s a bit disconcerting to see other bloggers who attended the show saying so.

I started my night backstage, but that’s a whole other post that will be coming soon. Everything about the runway show was amazing. From Sophie Muller’s video backdrops of thunderstorms, the northern lights, and clouds, to the models chosen, to the clothes themselves. It’s so wonderful to see lamb both referencing it’s own past, and moving forward in a new fresh direction.


This season Gwen went all out, mixing tribal, check, and other prints with tie dye, stripes, and animal print. In the hands of many, all of those elements together would be a recipe for disaster. But for a woman who’s been making and styling her own clothing since she was a teen, it works.


For those of us who aren’t afraid of color or flashy patterns, this collection is a godsend.


What I’ve always considered one of lamb’s greatest attributes, is that nearly anyone can wear it. You don’t have to wear four different clashing patterns like Gwen. A simple outfit jazzed up with one of lamb’s beautiful blazers can also look extraordinary.



Always one to pull her greatest design inspiration straight from her own life or closet, this season Gwen was influenced by Afro-Carribean Dance Hall culture. It was wonderful to see classic lamb staples like blazers, drop crotch pants, and even the return of the bum flap reinterpreted for this collection.





The collection also features some more “tame” patterned pieces:

My favorite dress in the collection! It just screams breezy summer nights to me.

Another favorite look.


More beautiful patterns!

It just wouldn’t be a lamb collection without some plaid:


The final look of the show:




Gwen herself walked the full length of the runway after the models took their final turn!




She added in a little booty shake for the photographers:

Kingston was of course waiting for Mommy at the end:


See the full set with over 150 runway photos here.


Along with her family, former lamb co-designer Zaldy was in the audience to support Gwen, a fact I found very touching. This was Gwen’s third season with her new design team. I think they’ve finally hit their stride. As glad as I am fashion week is over, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for lamb fall 2011!

All photos and content ®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost
DO NOT REPOST with out prior written permission.

4 thoughts on “L.A.M.B SPRING 2011

  1. rachel, i am so proud of you! reading this made me want to cry. you’ve come so far! as a fellow lambie since way back when (and nxd fan!) i know this is a dream come true for you and as jealous as i am, i’m still infinitely more happy for you! xoxo


  2. rachel, this is truely amazing and really good! you had a good spot at the runway!!! i wish i lived in NYC!!!! i wanna go back!
    i need starting to make my NYC photobook, still hadnt time hahaha
    but its a really good fashion show, and i loved your revieuw, very on spot!


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