Mandy Coon S/S 2011: Backstage and Presentation

Mandy Coon 91

WHO: Mandy Coon
WHAT: Spring 2011 Collection
WHERE: 9/9/10, Milk Studios

Mandy Coon 94


Both the hair, and the clothing were inspired by Mandy’s vision of Jellyfish.

Backstage, teams from MAC and Ion Studios prepped the models:

Mandy Coon 99

Mandy Coon 100
Lead stylist Pasquale led the Ion Studios team in creating an under the sea inspired look.

Hair was sprayed with salt water to texturize. Next, hair was back combed to create body, woven into a thick braid, and then pinned over the eyes to create a jellyfish-like shape.

Mandy Coon 103

Mandy Coon 102

The finished look:
Mandy Coon 104

Lead artist Francelle Daly for MAC also followed the Jellyfish theme, keeping eyes bare, while creating an iridescent look for the rest of the face. Pro Prime translucent powder was used on the skin. Frozen white pigment highlighted cheek bones, and strobe cream was smoothed onto arms and legs.

Mandy Coon 87


Mandy Coon 77

Mandy Coon 82

Mandy Coon 74

Mandy Coon 93
Even the lighting fit the under sea theme.

Mandy Coon 40

Mandy Coon 66

Mandy Coon 3

My favorite looks:
Mandy Coon 55

Mandy Coon 48

Mandy Coon 1

Mandy Coon 44

VERDICT: Gorgeous! Another rare collection where I would wear every piece. The airy, flowing fabrics, and bright colors mixed in with basic blacks (my wardrobe staple) blew my mind. This is what a sunset would look like, reflected under the sea.

View the full photo set here.

All Photos and Content ®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

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