Anna Sui Spring 2011

I guess it was just my luck that my camera would decide to break a mere hour before one of my most anticipated shows of NYFW. Backstage at the show before, the shutter on my old Canon stopped opening. After a minor breakdown, I decided to go ahead and get in the photographer’s line for Anna Sui, and film the show with my flip. (Note: I am NOT a videographer.)

It broke my heart to see such beautiful clothes in one of my favorite shows, and not be able to photograph them. But I’d like to think my minor video skills at least did the show justice. Influenced by 1960’s flower children, prarie girls, and Joni Mithell, Ms. Sui once again showcased an amazing collection that remained fresh even while still incorporating all of her favorite trademark details.

Always a standout in my mind: the incredible embellished shoes, and beautiful bridal gowns.

®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

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