Katie Gallagher S/S 2011: Backstage and Presentation

Katie Gallagher 52

WHO: Katie Gallagher
WHAT: Spring 2011 Collection
WHERE: 9/11/10, Stoll Space

Katie Gallagher is hands down one of my favorite young independent designers in New York City. Unique materials, attention to detail, and her willingness to take risks most other young designers would not sets her apart from the crowd.

In person, her work is absolutely awe-inspiring.

I first fell in love with Katie’s designs at her F/W 2010 presentation. For Spring 2011, I was lucky enough to be invited to the presentation, and to cover backstage beauty for another brand I love, Makeup For Ever.

The Makeup For Ever team was led by key makeup artist Fernando Haddad:
Katie Gallagher Backstage 63

An avid runner, Katie’s Spring 2011 collection was inspired by Sports. To compliment the clothing, Fernando used colors from the collection, and based the style of makeup on Katie’s everyday look. The key factor, was a focus on the eyes.

Katie Gallagher Backstage 27

To get the look, Fernando started by prepping the face with HD Invisible Cover foundation. Matte Cold Red 158 and Matte Dark Purple 160 Eye Shadows were used under the lower lash line (alternating colors on the models). Rouge Artiste Intense Lipstick in # 22/satin nude was used on lips. Aqua Smoky Lash mascara on the lashes finished the look.

Katie Gallagher Backstage 62

Katie Gallagher Backstage 55

Katie Gallagher Backstage 76

The result:
Katie Gallagher Backstage 12

While the models were prepped, Katie put some final touches on the clothes:
Katie Gallagher Backstage 8

Katie Gallagher Backstage 32

Katie Gallagher Backstage 49

Katie Gallagher Backstage 73

Katie Gallagher Backstage 36

Katie Gallagher Backstage 35

Katie Gallagher Backstage 2

Katie Gallagher Backstage 74

Katie Gallagher Backstage 33
Waiting to be shot for the lookbook.

Katie Gallagher Backstage 1

Katie Gallagher Backstage 6

Katie Gallagher Backstage 9

Katie Gallagher Backstage
The last adjustments are made before the models head upstairs for the presentation.

At the presentation, the models were arranged in two rows, standing on cement blocks:
Katie Gallagher 63

Katie Gallagher 64

Katie Gallagher 47

To me, this collection really stuck out due to Katie’s use of some familiar shapes and patterns from her past, re-imagined in shocking pops of bright color. Looking through photos from past season’s, it’s easy to see her progression as a designer. Lucky for us, she out does herself every season!

Katie Gallagher 56

Katie Gallagher 60

Katie Gallagher 39

Katie Gallagher 33

Katie Gallagher 28

Katie Gallagher 27

One thing I find that always stands out in Katie’s collections— the coats and jackets.
Katie Gallagher 38

Katie Gallagher 9

Katie Gallagher 3

Katie Gallagher 6
A closer look.

Katie Gallagher 15

This season, accessories were brought into the mix. Including this boxing glove purse:
Katie Gallagher 53

Katie Gallagher 11

Katie Gallagher 10

Katie Gallagher 14

Katie Gallagher 30

I also short video of the presentation. Warning, I’m no videographer. And flip cams tend to be a bit jumpy.

Katie Gallagher 1
Katie Gallagher

It’s rare for me to wish I could fast forward through a designer’s career, to see where they go in the future, but Katie Gallagher genuinely piques my curiosity. Katie’s collections are never disappointing, and leave me desperately wanting to know what she will come up with next.

Katie Gallagher Gift Bag

Get more info on Katie here.
See the full photo sets here and here.

All Photos and Content ®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost


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