Vena Cava S/S 2011: Backstage

Vena Cava 10

My very first show of Spring 2011 NYFW (and the first show I’ve ever fully covered backstage!) was Vena Cava. Held at Milk Studios, on the morning of September 9th, the atmosphere backstage pre-show was buzzing with activity. Some shows teeter on the brink of chaos, and others seem to move at a languorously slow turtle’s pace. Thankfully, when I arrived backstage, preparations at Vena Cava were running smoothly and right on time.

Hair was styled by celebrity hair stylistTed Gibson and his salon team. I caught up with Ted as he was explaining this season’s hair inspiration, and the styling process to a group of fellow bloggers:

Vena Cava 102

For Vena Cava S/S ’11, Ted was inspired by 1970’s Halston woman he’s seen in an old issue of VOGUE. The idea was to take a classic bun style, and update it for more modern times by adding texture.

The result was a sleek, but also slightly messy ballerina-esque style, topped off with a half turban of raw silk.
Vena Cava 105

To get the look, Ted and his team started with his Build It Blowdrying Spray to add texture and volume. The hair was then blown dry, and flat ironed straight. Tame It Shine Lotion was used to fight frizz, and smooth hair down on the top of the head. Hair was then finger-combed back into a low ponytail.
Vena Cava 95

Next, the ponytail was teased to create even more volume:
Vena Cava 98

Vena Cava 96

Multiple elastics were used every 1-2 inches down the length of the ponytail, to help achieve a more textured appearance:
Vena Cava 94

Hair was then twisted and pressed forward into a slightly messy bun:
Vena Cava 93

The look was finalized by the addition of the raw silk turban. Starting at the back, the scarf was wrapped around the head twice, with the ends secured underneath the bun with bobby pins.
Vena Cava 91

Vena Cava 70
The bun was then finished with Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hairspray.

The final look:
Vena Cava 82
With nails by Butter London.

Vena Cava 85

Along with Ted’s amazing hair skills, I also caught Mac’s makeup team in action:
Vena Cava 90

Christian McCullogh for MAC was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s look in the movie “Scarface”. A blue eyeliner was drawn on the lid, with Midnight Blue shadow applied all over, with a dusting of Graphology over the top. Contrast shadow was used in the corners, and the lashes were coated with Haute & Naughty mascara. A matte orangy peach lip stick finished the look.

See Ted styling hair, and the makeup process here:

Intro by Tanya Davis of

Vena Cava 87

The look for spring was all dark eyes, bright cheeks, and bright lips, inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer in “Scarface”:
Vena Cava 86

Vena Cava 65

Vena Cava 79

Vena Cava 78

Vena Cava 75

Vena Cava 62

Finished hair and makeup:
Vena Cava 66

Vena Cava 58

Once the hair and makeup process was nearly completed, it was time for the models to get dressed:
Vena Cava 44

Vena Cava 54

The result:
Vena Cava 46

The chunky wooden shoes and accessories were amazing:
Vena Cava 57

Vena Cava 55

Vena Cava 4

Vena Cava 43

Vena Cava 45

The designers checking the progress:
Vena Cava 50

Getting in order for the show:
Vena Cava 6

Vena Cava 21

Vena Cava 29

Vena Cava 31

Vena Cava 34

Final touch ups:
Vena Cava 32

Vena Cava 19

Ted makes adjustments:
Vena Cava 33

A member of Ted’s team secures a turban:
Vena Cava 18

Vena Cava 17

Final model checks:
Vena Cava 16

Vena Cava 11

Waiting to begin:
Vena Cava 9

The end of the line, waiting for their turn:
Vena Cava 1

Vena Cava 109

Every detail in Vena Cava’s S/S ’11 show was perfectly complimentary. The gorgeous silk dresses and the turbans, the reds of the lipstick, the sleek hair, and the chunky wooden jewelry that added texture. I thought the collection showed a maturity for the brand, while still holding on to their past signatures like geometric patterns, flashes of color, and impeccable silks.

Thanks to Ted and his amazing team for letting me be a part of the backstage experience. If any of you ever get a chance to work with the Vena Cava team, or Ted Gibson, take it. Everyone I worked with backstage was at the top of their game. And being around Ted, and his fun, easy going personality makes it impossible not to smile.

Ted Gibson Backstage at Vena Cava
Ted Gibson, hair genius.

See the full photo set here.

All Photos and Content ®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost


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