Pier Antiques Show Review

Pier Show 7

Two weekends ago, my friend Bella and I ventured uptown to check out the bi-annual Pier Antiques show. As I mentioned a few posts back, I was really excited to finally attend the show, since I seem to miss it every year. I’m so glad we went, because it was a total blast!

Pier Show 4

Thanks to a kind older woman who stopped us on the way in, we both got in for free! Saving us each $15.
(I spent that $15, and a little bit more on two gorgeous vintage hats, and an old circus promo poster.)

Pier Show 9
A beautiful feather hat. The hat I bought is similar, but much smaller.

Pier Show 10

Pretty much any vintage designer or collectible you’d want to buy was represented at the Pier show. We skipped over a lot of the furniture dealers, but spent multiple hours browsing the clothes. I saw everything from Chanel and Hermes handbags, vintage art books, 60’s bar ware, rooms of mad men-esque furniture, to 1930’s ball gowns, and bakelite jewelry.

Pier Show 14

A large selection of vintage fabrics for sale:
Pier Show 8

A perfect condition shearling and leather Balenciaga bomber was another highlight (for about $900). But one of the coolest things we saw by far—entire sets of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage.
Pier Show 12

Pier Show 13

Rare celebrity and historical autographs were available too. Including items from Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Some were fetching prices upwards of $25,000!!

Pier Show 3
Mini perfumes.

Pier Show 2
Salt shakers.

Pier Show 1
Hysterical old school XXX novels.

Pier Show 11

A few booths in particular were treasure troves for 1920’s and 30’s silk and chiffon dresses. I fell in love with so many, I wanted to take them all home.
Pier Show 6

Until I looked at the price tags that is—most were around $950!! It would be one thing if they had been designer ball gowns. But the majority of the dresses were hand made, no name dresses, that were sadly NOT in perfect condition. A good 90% of the dresses had visible stains or tears.

Pier Show 5
My dream dress, one of the few in near perfect condition. Too bad it costs more than my rent.

When the pier show returns once again in March 2011, I’ll be going back. A lot of the merchandise was priced higher than expected. I’m used to seeing vintage clothing up to $300 or so, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around damaged clothing being in the $900 range. That’s still just shocking to me. Brimfield (which shares some dealers with the pier shows) is still overall a much better show if you’re after bargains, but there were still deals to be had here. The hats I bought were both less than $30each. The poster just $10. I saw a lot of other non-designer items for cheap. The show is definitely worth going to if you are a big fan of vintage, an experienced collector, or just someone who likes to look at old collectibles.

2 thoughts on “Pier Antiques Show Review

  1. looked wonderful and glad they allowed you to take photos! I will have to check the dates in March to see if I can fit it into my schedule. Nice that there was an assortment of high and low priced items. 🙂 great post !!


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