Fall/Winter 2011 NYFW at The Greyest Ghost

Well, it’s finally here! Over the next week, with the help of my awesome assistant photographer and old friend Maureen, The Greyest Ghost will be bringing you behind the scenes backstage, and runway shots from over 47 fashion shows. Posting–at least “in depth” posts– might be lite while we spend our days covering shows, and editing hundreds of images. And honestly, I’ll be resting as much as I can in my tiny bit of free time. Last season nearly killed me, and I’m still recovering from a bad bout of bronchitis, that’s left me with what feels like a lite case of asthma. (And really, everyone I know seems to have fallen ill right before FW started this season! The weather is horrible!) Despite our hectic schedules, we’ll be sure to share some sneak peeks every night, from each of the shows we’ve attend so far. You can also see some additional shots over at our tumblr.

While today was the first “official” day of NYFW, I got my start last night at Gary Graham’s presentation in Tribeca:

Gary Graham: F/W '11 Sneak Peek

Gary is an expert in layering, and always manages to make a good impression. I can’t wait to share more photos with you! ❤


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