Fall 2011: Post NYFW Reflections

Even though I love it so much, I’m always glad once fashion week ends. Ten days of non-stop shows (on top of an illness that almost put me into the hospital this season!) really takes its toll. I’ve tried to keep up with the “sneak peek” images to give everyone a little taste of what’s to come. And in the next week, I’ll be sharing the full photo sets and reports from the runway and backstage at all of the shows we covered here at The Greyest Ghost.

The final tally: 43 shows! More than ever before. 21 shot by me, Rachel, and 22 by my assistant photographer Maureen. With an additional 22 backstage beauty reports to come, thrown in the middle of it all. : ) I’m so excited to share everything with all of our readers! This season was both the hardest, and most rewarding season of NYFW so far. Never could I imagine I’d have the opportunity to cover so many amazing shows. Or get so much support for my work, from so many amazing people!

Styled On is currently featuring my NYFW photo diary, with work I have yet to post here. Keep checking back for our full show coverage. Until then, I’ll leave you with this list of the good, the bad, and the ugly of NYFW:

The Good:

Oscar de la Renta. Need I say more? Top on the list of “shows I never thought I’d shoot”. The single most elegant show I’ve ever seen. If I had to stop shooting tomorrow, I’d be happy knowing I was able to cover Oscar at least once.

My amazing friends, and support team: I couldn’t have survived this season without Maureen. The help and support of my friends at Style Wylde. And the entire PR team at Krupp Group. And all of my fellow blogger friends, helping me keep things in perspective. Thank you all for loving and supporting me all week. And being my #1 cheerleaders!
the greyest ghost,style wylde
Cynthia from Style Wylde and I, after our last show of the season!

The Bad:

Missing Katie Gallagher’s show. Probably my #1 regret about this season. I’ve been following Katie’s work for the past 3 seasons. Not only is she incredibly talented and hard working, she’s also really sweet! I’m a huge fan, and the fact that I got sick the day of her show totally broke my heart. Luckily Maureen was able to cover the show for me, so expect a post soon. But it still makes me terribly sad I couldn’t attend myself.

The photo pits at Lincoln Center. After my fourth full season, I can say that they (sadly) seemed to be more poorly organized than ever. Which was glaringly obvious in contrast to other, off site shows. If Milk Studios can calmly cram a mini herd of photographers into a pit 1/18th the size of the Theater, why can’t Lincoln Center handle it? I saw fights, photographers ejected from the pit, and even had a jerk try to sit ON me at Betsey Johnson— and then harass me at every show for the rest of the week. Seriously? It made me want to stay off site forever.

Rude Bloggers: Especially those who RSVP to every show under the sun, then don’t go. You make all bloggers look bad. And take a spot from someone who would absolutely kill to get into the shows you just blew off. I saw and heard of multiple people doing this. Some even going as far as bragging on twitter about the “two cool shows they have at the same time” and how they were just going to RSVP for both, despite attending being physically impossible. It makes those of us who see this as work and not “party time” look unprofessional. It’s also incredibly rude to the PR reps who organize things! And don’t even get me started on the attention whores who think they deserve front row at every show…

The Ugly:

Pervy Photographers. I’ve been encoutering jerky photogs since I shot my first concerts at age 14. It’s an epidemic! But this season, it was just gross: My first backstage of the week, we had to leave early because creepers were taking photos of the girls dressing. Be respectful guys, you only hurt the rest of us who follow the rules. And you seriously cut into my short window of time shooting first looks. If you want a free show, go surf the internet.

Also gross: The weather! Thank god it’s now starting to feel like Spring! : )


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