NYFW, Blogging, and Where I’ve Been

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, posting has been a bit…sporadic here lately. While I’m shooting more than ever, blogging has taken a hit. I went through an intense period where I was working more than ever before, contributing photos to several websites, spending more time with my family for various reasons, and also wrestling with my changing views on blogging.

I’ll never stop posting here, but have to admit at times, it might not be my first priority. Photography is both my job, and something I do because I love it. My blog has always been a tool to help promote my work, and not my actual source of income. But I’m working on re-vamping my blog a bit, and trying to build a new edit plan that will lead to more consistent coverage.

One of the things many of my readers may have missed: photos from last NYFW that I just recently “unlocked” on flickr! Most of the photos I shot, and that my assistant photographer shot are too good not to share. So I’ll be posting many of them here in the upcoming future.

After NYFW ended in February, the sheer # of photos and posts was just straight up overwhelming! I also got really sick during fashion week, and recovering took a lot out of me. For now, in celebration of it being July 1st —making S/S 2012 NYFW 69 days away!— I’m posting some of my never before seen favorites. Stay tuned for more of my assistant photographer, Maureen’s images. 🙂

United Bamboo

Jen Kao Fall 2011 (4)
Jen Kao

HONOR FALL 2011 (27)

Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2011 (8)
Bibhu Mohapatra

The full collection of my Fall/Winter 2011 Photos can be seen here.


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