Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the Met


Last Friday, I got up at 6am so I could be one of the first people in line at the Met Museum on one of the last days of the Alexander McQueen exhibit, Savage Beauty. I’d been putting it off for so long, I started to panic thinking that I would miss the exhibition.

After discovering him in the late 90’s in a now famous David LaChapelle editorial, McQueen was one of the first fashion designers whose work I ever followed closely. At least other than the “old guard” like Christian Dior and Chanel. I knew if I missed the exhibit, I would regret it forever. Even though I am sooo not a morning person, I figured for once, getting up insanely early would be worth it.

Turns out, quite a few other people had the same idea! When I arrived at 8am, I ended up behind about 100 people already in line.

In front of me: not that scary.

The line behind me was another story:

From what I’d seen on twitter the day before, this wasn’t actually that bad. I ended up making some fun new friends during the massive wait, one of whom had come to NYC all the way from Korea!

Once we were let in the museum after they opened at 9:30, the wait went much faster. After talking to a few people in line around me and my two new friends, I discovered they also work in fashion. So thankfully, we had a lot to talk about. Next thing I knew, we were at the front of the exhibit!


It was ridiculously crowded. So much that it took me nearly half an hour just to make it through the first two rooms. People were slow, rude, and, since it was so disgustingly hot outside on Friday, smelly. You really find yourself hating humanity in instances like this. But being able to look at some of the most intricately designed pieces of clothing in the world from only six inches away was worth it.

One of my favorite pieces.

An old woman almost smacked me for taking this photo.

It would be great if I had a time machine, and could go back and attend the exhibit when it was less crowded. But I still really enjoyed seeing so many pieces from Lee’s fashion career up close and personal, despite the 4hours it took from start to finish. I’ll always wish that I could have photographed an Alexander McQueen show.

I was actually at another fashion show (Richard Chai Love) when I found out Lee was dead. What started as a twitter rumor soon left the entire photo pit dismayed when it was announced he had died. It honestly put such a damper on my day, I went home after Richard’s show, rather than photograph anything else.


I’m thankful for the time Lee was here, and that this exhibit has given the world at large a new appreciation for his work. If you didn’t manage to catch it, you severely missed out.



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