Ohne Titel S/S 2012

Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-35

Ohne Titel’s Spring collection featured many artfully detailed, sculptural neck pieces. So as to not distract from their beauty, stylist Jimmy Paul, for Bumble and Bumble, created a “street tough” swept back hairstyle.

To get the look:
Hair was wet down with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray, and swept back off of the front of the face.

Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-4

Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-21

As hair was blown dry, Surf Spray was sprayed on hair. To fish, Does It All Styling Spray, was sprayed on hair, which was then combed through with the stylist’s hands to rough up the look.

Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-2

While the hair set, it was pinned back with clips and playing cards to prevent kinks:
Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-41
A great trick for at home styling!

The finished look:
Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-28

Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-27

Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-24

Ohne Titel Spring 2012 Backstage-16

See the full photo set here.

All Photos and Content ®2011 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

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