California Dreaming

The Painted Ladies

Earlier this month, I took advantage of some free air miles I’d earned since moving to NYC, and flew out to San Francisco, to visit some friends and do some sightseeing.

California 18

I loved all of the amazing architecture around the city, especially all of the old Victorian houses, and the Painted Ladies around Alamo Square Park.

California 17

California 16
Cynthia from Style Wylde in front of the Painted Ladies

California 19
Aleister Crowley’s old house. Creepy!

California 22
A new friend.

California 26

California 12

I was lucky enough to catch the Alameda Point Antiques Fair that weekend, where I picked up some amazing vintage pieces, like an old kimono, a sari, and some Japanese paper art prints.

California 2
There was plenty of cool old “junk” for sale.

California 4

California 6
My friend Eliza modeling an old hat.

California 10
…and a fur coat

California 8
A much different kind of fur coat.

California 11
Metal menagerie.

California 5
A wannabe Marty McFly, hitching a ride.

California 13
Eliza’s dog Colonel Mustard, post-flea trip.

Later in the week, I did more sightseeing:

California 30

California 31

California 29

California 32
I managed to battle the Muni (bus system) and get to the Golden Gate on my own!

California 35
Australian tourists took my photo.

California 38
I walked half-way across the bridge.

California 37
I didn’t jump.

California 40

California 41

Then I made it to Chinatown:

California 42

California 45

California 46

California 47

California 48
Bought plenty of souvenirs. But not this strange pillow I saw on display.

California 50
Met a lion.

California 52

California 53
Cute little street car.

California 54
The tiny little underground map.

California 55
A 1 car train!

California 57
Dolores Park

California 56

California 59
Acrobats in training.

California 61

California 62
Not pictured: the hippy drum circle playing in the park.

California 64
Hippy or Metal-head?

California 66

I met up with Julio (who I’ve known since 2005, via my first blog, but had never met in person!) for some insanely cheap vintage shopping:
California 68
Sadly, he did not buy this jacket.

I took home 2 old lacy lingerie inspired tops and a dress –all for TEN DOLLARS– via a vintage by the pound store.

On our way home, we stopped by Clarion Alley to photograph the beautiful street art that lines the entire alley:

California 69

California 73

California 75

California 76

California 77

California 78

We saw quite a few artists in action:
California 79

California 82

California 83

California 84

While it’s safe to say things like thrift shopping and even street art are better on the west coast, by the end of the week, I couldn’t be happier to be a New Yorker, and be heading home. I missed the big city, the ease of (nearly) all-encompassing public transportation, and the hustle and bustle of New York life.
California was fun, but the trip really affirmed by choice to move to the East Coast over 5 years ago, instead of heading out west.

* I also shot some street style while I was on vacation, which will hopefully be up on StyledOn in the near future.

See my full photo album here.

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