The Shopkeepers

PR guru— and one of my dear friends– Sidney Prawatyotin recently started a new blog focusing on the faces behind some of NYC’s favorite boutiques, appropriately named, The Shopkeepers.

29019034266I was lucky enough to shoot this photo of the lovely Jade Lai, of Creatures of Comfort, for The Shopkeepers. CoC is definitely one of the most unique boutiques in the city.

I hope to help profile some more great shopkeepers in the future. It’s great to learn where some of the most stylish people in New York like to shop, for themselves!

You can see Jade’s full post, and many more great shopkeeper AND shopper profiles here.

Photo ® 2012 Rachel Scroggins for The Shopkeepers

One thought on “The Shopkeepers

  1. Oh this is an amazing idea! It’s going to be a great shopping guide for me when I plan to make a trip to NYC. Do you know if she only focuses on NYC shops or any shops around the world she stumbles across?
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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