SUNO F/W 2012: Backstage

SUNO F-W 2012 112

For their fall show, SUNO’s trademark quirky prints took a decidedly military inspiration, an influence also evident in their backstage beauty looks.

SUNO F-W 2012 001

Kérastase lead stylist Odile Gilbert created an imperfect “knotty chignon on the side”, a style that would be easy for the average woman to DIY.

SUNO F-W 2012 024

To get the look:
Hair was prepped with Kérastase Lotion Densitive, and Kérastase Mousse Substantive. Next, hair was blow dried straight, and parted on the side.

SUNO F-W 2012 027
Odile at work.

After twisting hair up into a chignon, front pieces of hair were removed from the bun to give it a messy look. Kérastase Double Force Controle Ultime Hairspray was used to hold the hair in place.

The finished look:

SUNO F-W 2012 009

SUNO F-W 2012 008

SUNO F-W 2012 033

SUNO F-W 2012 023

SUNO F-W 2012 020

MAC key artist Carole Colombani created a makeup look that was “half party girl, half soldier”.

SUNO F-W 2012 034

To get the look:
MAC Face and Body Foundation was used to create a beautiful, but not overdone complexion. Pro Sculpting Cream in Copper Beach was mixed with Creamblend Blush in Ladyblush to create a rosy glow on cheeks. No product was used on lips. Eyes were lined in Eye Kohl in Teddy, and Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Mauveless was used on lids. Pressed Pigments in Day Gleam and Deeply Dashing were dusted on to add shimmer and depth to the look.

The finished look:
SUNO F-W 2012 035

SUNO F-W 2012 025

SUNO F-W 2012 044

ESSIE for Haven Spa manicurists finished off the look with ESSIE’s Jazz (taupe) followed by one coat of
Main Squeeze (shiny lilac).

SUNO F-W 2012 037

The overall, finished look:
SUNO F-W 2012 049

See the full photo set here.
And be sure to check back for the full runway photo set/show review soon!

All Photos and Content ®2012 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

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