Karen Walker F-W 2013-019

Karen Walker’s show is always one of the most fun and upbeat shows of every NY Fashion Week. Backstage, the atmosphere is no different: models are happy, smiling, and enjoying themselves, posing in the gorgeous clothes, and absolutely amazing sunglasses Karen comes up with, season after season.

Sadly, this season I overbooked myself (a lot!), and Monday, the day of Karen’s show, I ended up in a bit of a time crunch. But I still managed to spend some time backstage, photographing the equally fun makeup, and tousled, beachy hair.

Karen Walker F-W 2013-025

The fall collection was inspired by Siouxsie Sioux, singer of the iconic 80’s group– and one of my favorite bands growing up– Siouxsie and the Banshees. As someone who never outgrew their “goth phase”, I appreciated the reference, and how Siouxsie’s signature dramatic eyeliner was updated in a colorful way that complimented Karen’s collection.

Karen Walker F-W 2013-003

To get the look:
Skin was perfected using MAC Face and Body Foundation. Eyes were lined using a mix of MAC Chromacakes, and Mixing Medium to create the neon orange and green eyeliner. Followed by mascara.

Karen Walker F-W 2013-006

Karen Walker F-W 2013-008

Eyebrows were bleached with hydrogen peroxide, to help keep the focus on the eyeliner. And to finish the look, lips were covered with Lip Erase.

The finished look:

Karen Walker F-W 2013-011

Karen Walker F-W 2013-013

With the focus on the colorful eyeliner, hair was influenced by the 90’s grunge look, with styles tailor-made to reflect the natural texture of each girls’ hair.

To get the three different hair looks: Full Form Mousse to add thickness, a mix of Semi Sumo layered with Hair Powder added body, and processed hair was treated with Prep, then Surf Spray to create the grungy texture.

The finished look:
Karen Walker F-W 2013-048

Karen Walker F-W 2013-046

Karen Walker F-W 2013-010

Karen Walker F-W 2013-014

Karen’s clothes are always phenomenal– season after season, I’d wear the entirety of her collections– but the sunglasses continue to blow me away with their uniqueness and continually covetable styles. And of course– their COLORS!

Karen Walker F-W 2013-016

Karen Walker F-W 2013-033
I will definitely be buying these this year.

Karen Walker F-W 2013-035

Karen Walker F-W 2013-039

Karen Walker F-W 2013-043

Karen Walker F-W 2013-023

Karen Walker F-W 2013-021
The shoes are always pretty great too. 🙂

Karen Walker F-W 2013-047

Karen Walker F-W 2013-050

See the full photo set here.

All Photos and Content ®2013 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost.

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