KAELEN Spring/Summer 2015

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 030

WHO: KAELEN Spring 2015

WHAT: A floral inspired collection from CFDA Incubator program member Kaelen Haworth

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 006

BACKSTAGE: Both the hair and makeup were inspired by the 1960’s, and Marcia Brady. MAC lead artist Chantel Miller created a “reverse cat eye”, by applying white shadow to the lower eyelid, and layering darker taupe eyeshadow nearly up to the brow. Cheeks were toned with taupe blush, eyebrows were brushed up, and no mascara was used. Concealer was applied to models’ lips right before the show began.

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 010

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 002

ORIBE’s Amy Farid blew out the models’ hair, parting it in the center, and pinning some strands behind the ears until showtime to “give hair a slight natural wave”. Select models also had orchids pinned into their hair.

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 004

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 007

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 013

KISS Nails Gina Edwards used the brand’s imPRESS press on nails in a custom blended neutral shade to compliment the neutral makeup look.

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 001

The finished look:
KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 014

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 017

I’m always a big fan of KAELEN’s collections. Because not only is Kaelen an awesome person (with an adorable and hilarious French Bulldog, Lola. Seriously, go follow them on instagram now!) but one of my favorite young designers in NYC. It’s been fun to watch her growth as a designer over the past few years. And see the rest of the world finally catching on to her designs, which always feature a fun mix of basics, with refined, girlish touches. Personally, I’d describe her vibe as a more feminine and less utilitarian Phillip Lim.

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 019

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 025

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 033

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 024

KAELEN S-S 2015 NYFW 021

See the full photo set here.

All Photos and Content ®2014-2015 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost


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