Chris Benz S/S 2013

Chris Benz SS13 19

I tend to say this every time I post about one of his collections, but Chris Benz is one of my absolute favorite young NYC designers. Not only is he one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with, he continues to amaze me, season after season with his genius use of color, and unexpectedly whimsical “eccentric grandma” aesthetic of his clothing.

Chris Benz SS13 24

I really feel like years from now, Chris will reach a Marc Jacobs level of success and industry domination– fitting, since he once interned for the designer.

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Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 13

Last night, I attended a reception celebrating painter Nathalie Lété’s first apparel and housewares collection for Anthropologie.

Earlier in the day, Nathalie painted the 5th Avenue store’s windows with woodland creatures and forest life:
Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 6

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 7

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 5

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 8

At the reception, guests shipped champagne and mingled amongst Nathalie’s home goods and clothing designs.

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 17
Painted dress and skirt.

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 11

Some of my favorite pieces were the sea themed cups and plates:
Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 1

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 15

The store’s decor had a sea inspired theme as well!
Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 2

Two more beautiful hand painted dresses:
Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 3

Nathalie showing off her designs:
Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 9

Nathalie Lété:
Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 10

More of Nathalie’s plate designs:
Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 14

Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie 16

The full photo set.

Nathalie’s products are available in Anthropologie stores in the US and UK. And online here.

Anthropologie Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 16

Last Thursday, Anthropologie’s newest NYC location at Chelsea Market opened its doors for a grand opening Gala.

The store was packed full of guests shopping and socializing. Special displays caught the eyes of many attendees, including topiary style replicas of the Brooklyn Bridge, the High Line, a water tower, and a “big apple”.

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 14

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 12

One of my favorite parts of Anthropologie stores are the amazingly designed displays. The Chelsea Market location goes above and beyond the normal store decorations, and takes “visual merchandising” to the next level. For example: the stunning paper dress that greets guests as they come in the front door.

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 42
I hear it took a dozen or so people about a week to roll all of the sheets of paper to form the skirt.

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 43

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 17

Everything in this store is beautiful. From the clothes, to the jewelry, to the housewares. I wanted to run through the store sweeping items off of the shelves and into a cart like a crazed housewife on supermarket sweep.

One of the other reasons this new store is so great– it actually has an expanded jewelry section, larger than most Anthro stores. Sunglasses and hair accessories also figure prominently.

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 27

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 28

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 15

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 1

There were more beautiful dresses on the racks than I had ever seen in one Anthropologie store, including some from West Village boutique Geminola. So many great designs, it’s nearly impossible to choose what to buy!

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 7
Both of these lacy dresses are straight out of my dreams.

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 34

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 36

More Decor:

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 2

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 3

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 41

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 35

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 19

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 24
Such a beautiful chair!

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 40

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 23
Love this parrot purse!

I got a chance to briefly talk to Alison Woodward, a jewelry designer who’s wares are sold in Anthropologie under the name Reverie.

Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 38

Also spoke to some lovely people from the home office, who had come down from Philly and were very excited about the store! Thank you to Sara for inviting me to the opening, and chatting with me about the lovely new space!

All in all, shoppers went home happy with bags of new purchases:
Anthropologie: Chelsea Market Grand Opening Gala 32

I’ll be going out of my way to the Chelsea Market location next time I feel like doing some shopping at Anthropologie. The beauty and vast selection of the newest location make it worth heading to the west side.

See the entire photo set here.

April’s Best Events

The Greyest Ghost
Timo Weiland Spring 2010 event! via Refinery29.

In New York, there is always something going on. If you’re like me, and like to plan things out in advance to avoid your schedule getting crazy, it’s good to have fair warning of what is happening when. I’ve rounded up some of the best April events, gathered from all around the web. More will be added, as they materialize.

Housing Work’s famous Warehouse Sale is continuing this Saturday, and the next:
The Greyest Ghost

Henry Horenstein’s “Show” opened this week at Clic GalleryThe Greyest Ghost

Betsey Johnson spring sample sale, starting April 14th:
The Greyest Ghost

Lee Angel jewelry sample sale starts the same day:
The Greyest Ghost

Cynthia Steffe’s sample sale is April 15th:
The Greyest Ghost
via @FashionweekNYC

And of course you can’t forget, the 24hour Zac Posen for Target shopping party starts April 15th!
The Greyest Ghost

The new Chelsea Market Anthropologie location opens April 16th!

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent for Target Africa inspired shoe collection launches April 18th!
cynthia vincent,target,the greyest ghost

Rodarte Sample sale: I’m skipping this, since the last sale was a bit disappointing. Only a handful of items were available, with most still priced over $900. But it may be worth checking out, just in case.
The Greyest Ghost
Don’t forget to RSVP to receive an appointment time!

Barney’s CO-OP Trunk-a-Palooza
is April 21st:
The Greyest Ghost
From 2pm-8pm. “Enjoy exclusive products from CO-OP designers like Helmut Lang, Rag+Bone, Richard Chai, ALC, Vena Cava, Alexander Wang and more.. Meet the designers and shop their Fall 2010 lines!”
via the Barney’s NY Facebook Fan page.

Also starting April 21st: The Tribeca Film Festival!
Tribeca Film Festival,The Greyest Ghost
Tickets go on sale to the public April 19th.

Brooklyn craft fair Handmade Cavalcade is Saturday, April 24th in Williamsburg:
The Greyest Ghost

That same weekend, in the same neighborhood– King’s Country General Store market:
The Greyest Ghost

Candace Bushnell reads from her new book “The Carrie Diaries” at Barnes and Noble Union Square. 7pm, Tuesday April 27th.
Candace Bushnell,The Greyest Ghost
More info here.

Macaroons From Madeline’s

Macaroons 1

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more involved with food photography. It’s become a little something I do my free days, when I’m feeling inspired. I bought half a dozen macaroons (Macarons, technically) from Madeline’s in Chelsea, and some plates and cups from Anthropologie. These are the results.

Macaroons 3

Macaroons 6

I bought passion fruit, orange, caramel, raspberry, strawberry, and pistachio. They were delicious.

Macaroons 4


Brimfield Flea Market and Antique Show


Last month smack in the middle of fashion week, I took a weekend vacation to Mass. to check out the Brimfield Flea Market and Antique show. I missed the show twice this year. A mistake I won’t be making again.

I loved the flea. There ended up being too much to do and see. My mom described it best as a mix of a history lesson, a trip back in time, and nostalgia. We saw things my grandmother had once owned (special wooden cookie cutters from Germany), stuff I used to own (care bears lunchbox!), things I desperately wanted to buy but couldn’t afford, and items that looked like they were straight out of the Anthropologie catalog. I have no doubt buyers from Anthropologie and similar stores attend events like this to get ideas for products.

Can’t you see these onsale in Anthropologie?

We also saw items ranging from the weird, to downright shocking:

I debated whether or not to even post these, since some might find them offensive. But they represent a very sad a part of history that I think people sometimes sadly forget, and were on sale/display in public. I felt creeped out just looking at them.

Another weird, but way less scary item on sale.

Great fair food was a secondary benefit:
Greasy french fries, funnel cakes, pierogies, lobster, and ice cream!

Booths of Amazingness!

Unlimited supplies of Fiesta wear

Gorgeous vintage.

Raggedy Anne.

There was a LOT of glasswear for sale at the show.

Some nostalgia.


This dog was wearing a small saddle.

Another booth.

A kewpie I wanted, but couldn’t afford.

I ended up going home with two rings, an old cameo Kewpie doll, an Indian shawl, two 1920’s style hats, a ceramic jewelry box, and a wall hanging for less than $100.

Next year, I plan on going to Brimfield again in the fall. And if possible the spring or summer show. Dealers told us the Spring is busiest, July show is hottest, and the fall show is the best. I’d recommend going as early in the morning as possible. We arrived around noon, and I really wish we’d had more time. Traffic can sometimes back up pretty far, as there is only one main road heading to the shows. So arrive early for shorter waits, better parking, and more time to browse! There are a ton of nice hotels nearby in which to stay overnight, making Brimfield a perfect weekend away from the city!