Street Style Flashback: Claire

In celebration of today being Red Head Appreciation Day, I’ve chosen another redhead, Claire as my second SSF subject. Not only does Claire have amazing hair, but she’s also the mastermind behind De Lune, and a blogger friend of mine.

Claire in a Corpus romper, Bird by Juicy Couture blazer, and Chie Mihara heels. East Village, October 2010.

®Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost.

Facehunter Book Signing

Thursday May 6th Face Hunter blogger and photographer Yvan Rodic will be at Collective Hardware signing his new book!

face hunter,the greyest ghost

I’m thinking of stopping by myself. Yvan is, in my opinion, one of the more interesting street style photographers currently working today. If that’s not enough incentive, his blog post announcing the signing promises an open bar as well.

7-9pm at Collective Hardware
169 Bowery

Fashion Week: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:

* Meeting amazing, ridiculously friendly people wherever I went. From photographers giving out advice, to meeting fellow bloggers at the IFB Dress Up Soiree and Chictopia parties. I nearly ran out of business cards!

* Meeting fashion designers. And realizing how much more I like their collections after.

* Encountering famous bloggers you look up to, like Susie Bubble. I had a near 10 minute convo w/ Susie at the Chictopia party about creepers (the shoes) coming back in to style, meeting “famous” people at fashion week, and Rodarte–her favorite show of NYFW. Susie is so humble and laid back, talking to her feels like you’re talking to an old friend.

Me, Susie, and Jennine from The Coveted & IFB

* Finally meeting Gwen Stefani. I Still can’t believe it!

*Taking a short weekend trip to the Brimfield flea market. Photo post coming soon!

The Bad:

* The ever fluctuating fashion week weather. From cold and rainy to hot and humid. It never stayed consistent.

* Missing shows and parties due to scheduling conflicts. There is just too much to do, and not enough hours in the day!

* The lack of celebrities in the tents. Sure, they were around. But there were nowhere near as many celebs, or even famous fashion editors hanging around the tents as when I went two years ago.

The Ugly:

* Encountering creepy old businessmen who only attend fashion shows to “meet hot chicks”. Closely followed by having to speak to said men, and pretend to care what they are talking about. Especially when they ask if you “know who I am”.

*Finding out the hard way PR reps will tell you what you want to hear in order to get press. Including promising show invites that never arrive. Too bad, I actually liked the clothes. And it looks like the line could have used the press, since there’s been a virtual publicity drought surrounding it this past week. Empty promises are almost as bad as the nameless pitch emails bloggers receive.