OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall/Winter 2014

OSCAR DE LA RENTA- Fall-Winter 2014 093

One of the shows I look forward to the most each season is Oscar de la Renta. I photograph a lot of shows, but every time I attend an ODLR show, I feel like I am truly witnessing something magical, rarely seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

As with the last few seasons, I arrived a few hours before the show to photograph the backstage preparations (and the show!) for the official Oscar PR Girl Pinterest page. Seeing how much care and detail goes into every aspect of the show is always pretty amazing. Not only are the clothes and models beautiful, but the little things like how the hair and makeup, accessories, styling, and even music all come together just blows my mind.

Below, some (ok, a lot!) of my favorite moments from show day:

OSCAR DE LA RENTA- Fall-Winter 2014 004

OSCAR DE LA RENTA- Fall-Winter 2014 007
This season, models showcased a unique choppy hair style (custom trimmed wigs!).

OSCAR DE LA RENTA- Fall-Winter 2014 005

OSCAR DE LA RENTA- Fall-Winter 2014 010
Gucci Westman preps Karlie Kloss for the show.

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NAHM F/W 2012

NAHM F-W 2012 46

I was *quite a fan* of everything going on at NAHM this season. Designers Aly Hilfiger and Nary Manivong have matured into their new roles as co-designers, with the brand showcasing strong new patterns, bold shoes, and delicate lace fabrics.

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am a HUGE fan of the color teal. Which made the gorgeous teal chunky cat-eye at NAHM one of my favorite looks of the season.

NAHM F-W 2012 9

NAHM F-W 2012 3
Mac key artist Victor Cembellin created a look that was part baby doll, part futuristic.

To get the look:
Skin was prepped with MAC Face and Body Foundation. Next, eyes were lined with Minted Eye Kohl, and were then filled in using Aqua Pro Eyeshadow. Eyes were finished with multiple coats of False Lash Mascara. Cream Blend blush in Something Special was used to create a rosy look on cheeks. The entire look was completed by lightly covering lips in additional Face and Body Foundation.

NAHM F-W 2012 33

Hair, by Jon Reymanfor AVEDA was inspired by 1920’s style sleep bobs, and the famous coif of Diana Vreeland.

To get the look:
1.Prep hair with Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother.
Starting at the nape of the neck, spray roots with Aveda Volumizing Tonic. Blowdry with a round brush to smooth.
Starting at the nape, coat six horizontal sections of hair top and bottom with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray and wrap horizontally around the barrel of a 1” curling iron. Repeat with each of the six sections, moving up the back of the head.
Brush through the hair with a Mason Pearson brush and create a triangle part at the hairline – from temples to the crown, separating the top section of hair.
Separate a small section of hair above each ear and clip aside. Make a horizontal part at the back of the head to separate the remaining hair into two sections.
Unpin hair from above the ears, bring underneath the back sections and tie in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.
Add the bottom of the lower horizontal section into the ponytail and spray with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.
Use fingers to roll the ponytail into a horizontal roll at the nape of the neck. Tuck under and pin.
Working with the remaining (upper) horizontal section of hair, split in the center to create a part down the back of the head. Spray hair with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.
Wrap each section into the existing roll at the nape of the neck. Tuck under and pin.
Release the top triangular section of hair from its pin and spray with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. Smooth the hair over the entire look, again pinning the ends underneath.
Finish with a light spray of Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray to maintain hold and enhance the matte finish. –Instructions via AVEDA.

NAHM F-W 2012 10

NAHM F-W 2012 6

NAHM F-W 2012 24

NAHM F-W 2012 26

NAHM F-W 2012 4
Angi Wingle, lead nail tech for CND created a “strong, confident neutral” by custom blending 2 CND nail polishes. 3 coats of Desert Suede were applied to nails, followed by an overlay of Marshmallow Rose. Finished with Sheer Matte Topcoat.

NAHM F-W 2012 2

NAHM F-W 2012 30

The complete, finished look:
NAHM F-W 2012 23

NAHM F-W 2012 70

NAHM F-W 2012 39

NAHM F-W 2012 43

NAHM F-W 2012 50
The designers, and their creations.

NAHM F-W 2012 63
NAHM F-W 2012 64
Such great shoes!

NAHM F-W 2012 66
I loved all of the pastel lace, floral patterns, flapper inspired silhouettes of this collection!

NAHM F-W 2012 41

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