Best of What’s Going on This Week

One of the features I miss doing is a weekly NYC event roundup! Since this is a typical summer, with more events than any one person could possibly attend, I’ve found a handful of interesting events and sales to share–all happening in the upcoming week.

Here are some of my best bets:


Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Sample Sale:

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Pop Up Market at Union Pool in Williamsburg–TODAY!

It’s incredibly late notice, considering the event starts in 10 minutes. But if you are in or around Williamsburg today, one of your best bets for fun and great shopping would be the Pool Supplies pop-up market at Union Pool!


The event is from 2-7pm, and features goods from some amazing up and coming NYC designers!
I’ll be bouncing between this, and the flea shooting street style all afternoon. If you see me, be sure to say Hi!

See a sneak peek of some of the items featured here.

Instagram Weekend #2

I’m thinking of making this a regular feature, since I keep documenting my weekends via Instagram. It’s easier than carting my DSLR out, something I usually don’t want to do when I’m just hanging out with my friends. Some of these photos are from earlier in the week (I’m cheating!), but were fun enough to share anyway. I shot two editorials last week, so I just couldn’t resist sharing little sneak peeks.

My new Moo postcards that I got to promote my new work/new website came in:
New Moo Postcards I am in love!

Did some more experimenting with Sally Hansen Nail Effects:
Houndstooth Nails
The glitter, which held up for the entire length of NYFW back in February, seemed to be much more durable than the houndstooth.

On Wednesday, I shot a feature at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lab for Styled On:
At Robert Verdi's Luxe Lab
I couldn’t resist matching my new nails!

The space is full of amazing art, like this golden chandelier:
Robert Verdi's Luxe Lab: Chandelier

Robert has a TRUNK full of custom made Vans–constructed from his Hermes scarf collection!
Custom Vans
More on that, when the feature goes live at Styled On.

When the weather got warmer, I broke out my 80’s sunglasses:
80's Glasses

Friday, I shot another editorial for Styled On. Featuring these bad boys:
Suno X Loeffler Randall
Suno X Loeffler Randall.

Afterward, we headed back to the office for some R&R and a great view:
StyledOn Offices

Soho From the Sky

After shooting some new street style on Saturday, I rewarded myself with a slice of Blue Velvet cake from Little Cupcake Bakeshop:
Blue Velvet Cake
It was sooo good, but so rich. I could only eat half!

I finished off Saturday night at a friend’s birthday party in Brooklyn. The bar had plenty of fun things to photograph:

Pinball– my favorite game ever!

Turn On
Gotta love bathroom graffiti.

Band of Horses and Karen Elson at Williamsburg Waterfront


Sunday night, I braved the intense summer heat and headed down to the Williamsburg waterfront to see Karen Elson, Grizzly Bear, and Band of Horses.

I arrived a bit late, coming back to the city after a weekend in Connecticut. But luckily, Karen Elson was still on stage. Looking and sounding gorgeous as always, Karen and her band members dressed in coordinated in peach and black outfits. I can’t get enough of Karen’s debut CD! She seemed to win over quite a few new fans in Sunday night’s audience as well.



I didn’t photograph Grizzly Bear’s set. Maybe it’s because I was far back from the stage in the “drinking area” with my friends who wanted beer… but Grizzly Bear didn’t capture my attention as much as I’d expected. Live, they sounded almost exactly like they do on CD. Their set seemed more like an intermission between the sultry and folksy Karen, and more animated stage performance of BOH.


Band of Horses went on stage right as the sun started setting. The heat, the sunset, and cool breeze coming off the east river aligned to create the perfect conditions for of the start of the summer concert season.


Band of Horses blew me away. I love them even more after seeing them live! They’re one of those rare live acts that despite having quite a few members, have a sound that flows together with each musicians contributions meshing together perfectly.


They also came across as genuinely fun guys, who loved performing and interacting with their fans, rather than just being on stage and doing their jobs. The highlight of the night had to be an overeager fan–Andrew, who repeatedly screamed and yelled trying to get the band’s attention, and eventually tried to jump on stage. Rather than freaking out, lead singer Ben Bridwell serenaded Andrew, and worked his name into multiple songs. I really hope some enterprising fan got the whole thing on video. It was truly hilarious.


The show was the perfect kick off event for a summer season of concerts at the Williamsburg waterfront. Quite a few great concerts are scheduled here. And look for the lineup of Jelly NYC‘s “Pool Party” free shows at the waterfront to be announced soon!

Read a great, more in depth review of the show here.

See the full photo set here.

®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost

The Best of This Weekend’s Events

There are a lot of amazing events going on nyc this week. So many, it’s going to be tough for me to choose!

Greenpoint Flea Market:
Greenpoint Flea Market,The Greyest Ghost
Clothing, Food, and Craft Vendors! Every Friday from 12-8pm!

Sunday, I’m seeing Band of Horses with Grizzly Bear and Karen Elson on the Williamsburg Waterfront. Friday they’ll be playing a FREE SHOW at Grand Central Terminal.

Backyard Bazaar in Greenpoint:
The Greyest Ghost,NYC
” Come summer with us. Good times for the next 3 months. ******** ***An open air market, Hosted by In God We Trust & The Parlour Brooklyn*** Over a dozen vendors of antiques, vintage, jewelry, clothing and other unique goods provided by local artisans and designers. “ Plus free beer and mimosas!

CREST FEST Art Show in Williamsburg:
Featuring live music, food vendors, arts & crafts for sale, and more!

Coney Island,Mermaid Parade,NYC,Brooklyn,The Greyest Ghost
The 27th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade is Saturday June 19th at 2pm!

I hear the Hester Street Fair is due to be especially good this weekend. On Sunday, they are adding a Greenmarket:
Greenmarket,Hester Street Fair,The Greyest Ghost
More Info.

NYC & Worldwide:
TASCHEN Book Warehouse Sale:
taschen warehouse sale,nyc,sample sales!,the greyest ghost
See store locations, hours, and details here.

Memorial Day at Coney Island

Coney Island 9

Yesterday, along with half the population of New York City, I went to Coney Island. I was already exhausted after a long weekend with friends, the trains were hot and crowded, and the beach and boardwalk much the same. Not the best day for me to be around thousands of shoving strangers. The two friends I was due to meet up with got into a fight and left right after I arrived.

Coney Island 12

Thankfully after wandering around taking some photos and hanging out on the Boardwalk for a bit, my friend Kristabel arrived and saved the day. We didn’t hang out for much longer, but had a few laughs at the world’s worst street style (someone needs to document that asap. I was much too scared!), and strange men who barked like dogs and yelled in spanglish. After picking up some souvenirs, we headed home.

At least I got some fun photos in the midst of all the chaos:

Coney Island 8

Coney Island 10

Coney Island 6
Only after I was home editing my photos did I notice the hilarity I’d captured in the forefront of this photo. Two men who’s pants are pretty much falling off.

Coney Island 7
This wasn’t even half of the beach crowd!

Coney Island Self Portrait
Self Portrait.

Coney Island 4

While we waited in line to buy water, we made a new friend:
Coney Island Crazy Dog
He was completely and utterly bonkers.

Coney Island 2
Coney Island Beach Shop.

Coney Island 1

I love Coney Island, but next time, I’m not going on a holiday weekend!