Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-118

The Fall 2013 Oscar de la Renta show was quite an…experience. Security was so tight, I fully expected Michelle Obama herself to be in the audience when I reached the show space at the brand’s Bryant Park showroom. It made for a stressful evening, to say the least. To be 100% honest: if every Oscar show was this intense, I’d probably stop photographing them. (Crazy security, no backstage access, + angry photographers = not my thing.) But in the end, it was worth it to see what happens when you mix two of the most talented fashion designers working today, to create one, inspiring new collaborative collection. And I feel privileged to have witnessed it first hand.

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-2

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-3

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-4

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-6

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-11

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-14
There were many, many hats.

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-17

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-19

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-21

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-25
The jewelry and styling at Oscar’s shows are always exceptional. But this collection in particular blew me away.

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-27
Bits of the collection here and there had a more witchy, sinister vibe.

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-28
You can see Galliano’s touches here and there.

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-30

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-33

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-36
Of the multiple hair and makeup looks for the show, this was my favorite.

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-37

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-39

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-41

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-42

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-43

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-44

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-45

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-47

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-49

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-52

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-53
One of my favorite looks. I always go for the sparkles.

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-58

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-63

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-66

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-68

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-72

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-74
Oscar goes vamp

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-76

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-80

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-85

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-90

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-94
I was surprised to see Jessica Stam!

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-97

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-100

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-103

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-105

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-107

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-1-2

One of my very favorite aspects of this entire collection are the double/triple layered gloves. Some, mesh on mesh, some mesh on leather:

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-110

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-106

And of course, the princess gowns at the finale:
Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-111

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-113

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-114

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-119

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-124

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-125

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-126

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-128

Oscar de la Renta F-W 2013-132

No one knows where the future lies for Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano. But if this collection was a hint, I predict a lot more vampiness for the brand.

See the full 130+ photo set here.

All Photos and Content ®2013 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost.

Nanette Lepore F/W 2010

Nanette Lepore is a designer who I find consistently presents a beautiful and current collection each season. I always look forward to her show, which this season had one of the most exciting color palettes I saw all week.

The collection centered around layered clothing in rich jewel tone lace, tweed, and velvet:





The perfect styling was complimented by matching jewel tone accessories:



The outerwear was just as gorgeous:
I’m a huge fan of this ruffled rust colored coat!

I found the entire collection beautiful and incredibly wearable. But my favorite pieces were the velvet dresses of the finale:



My #1 pick.

Along with the gorgeous clothes, some good looking celebs were also present. The best sighting– Mad Men’s John Slattery:
Mad Men's John Slattery
Roger Sterling!

I was able to go backstage and talk briefly with John and his wife Talia (who are friends of Nanette’s), and Nanette herself. All were incredibly nice and kindly posed for photos (which I ended up turning in to my agency). I just couldn’t resist telling John he is on the best show on television. : )

View the entire photo set here.


Diane von Furstenberg f/w 2010

DVF 31

On Valentine’s day, Diane von Furstenberg presented her fall/winter 2010 collection in Bryant Park. The show was totally packed, and I was lucky to even get in to the photo pit. Entrance was highly regulated by staffers at the tents, with only “A Group” photographers from places like Getty Images and Women’s Wear Daily getting in at first. But I (just barely) made it, and found myself a spot to the extreme right of the runway. At an odd angle for a show with a double runway, but I made it work.

DVF 21

A lot of the resulting photos weren’t as perfect as I would have liked, but the show was beautiful, with gorgeous clothing as usual, and some of the top models in the industry walked in it.

DVF 10
Coco Rocha.

DVF 11
Abbey Lee Kershaw in an amazing dress.

Rachel Zoe was there, as seen peeking out behind the models:
DVF 26

DVF 14

When I first arrived, I nearly walked right in to Patricia Field. Here she is admiring the collection:
Patricia Field at DVF
Love her witchy hat!

Molly Sims was also there:
Molly Sims at DVF
Love her sweater, but I’m so over her. She’s everywhere, and why? The woman will show up to the opening of an envelope.

DVF 13

In my eyes, Diane can really do no wrong when it comes to making women’s clothes. She’s been doing this forever, and is one designer I truly feel always understands what a woman wants. Season after season I find myself lusting over at least half a dozen of her dresses. Trends may come and go, and Diane not only keeps up, but starts many trends of her own.

More beautiful dresses:


DVF 28

And a slippery runway:
Falling Model at DVF

At the end, Diane and her creative director took a lap around the runway:

Stopping to hug her grandchildren:

Rachel clapping:
Rachel Zoe at DVF


Diane’s Manifesto:
DVF Manifesto

Packing up the clothes:

All Photos and Content ®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost.

Still to Come: More NY Fashion Week!

I’m still not done with all my photos and posts from NYFW yet. Never fear, they shall be up soon! I’d rather take my time and bring things to you slowly than put up crappy content and try to rush my posts.

Some more shows to look forward to:

Betsey Johnson 22
Betsey Johnson.

Nanette Lepore.

Michael Kors 12
Michael Kors.

Elisa Palomino 4
Elisa Palomino.

Anna Sui 52
Anna Sui.

Plus a few special shows I haven’t even edited yet! Check back soon! ❤

Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show

Christian Siriano 9

On the Friday afternoon of fashion week, I attended Christian Siriano’s fashion show. I was one of the last photographers in–the show is so popular, a lot ended up getting shut out. I heard rumblings of the same thing happening last season, which makes me think he really should be showing in the tent, Bryant Park’s largest space.

I knew it was going to be an “interesting” show to shoot as soon as I walked in. Not only did I have to squeeze myself in to the pit, earning an awkward left corner spot, but a haze permeated the air that could only mean one thing: a fog machine. AKA my worst nightmare when it comes to both fashion shows and concerts. Once the show actually started, I nearly screamed: The lights were BLUE. Combined with the fog, I had a lot of trouble metering my shots, and with only a few seconds to secure a photo of each look, I knew everything was going to end up looking like I’d shot it under the sea. The end results are images that are somewhat blurred and ghostly, but I like it.

Christian Siriano 2

Christian Siriano 5

The overall show was very festive and exciting, but most of the clothing was not my style. Christian was influenced by the retro styles of 1950’s and 1960’s French women. While classics like suits and shift dresses were updated with sparkling accents, I could appreciate the looks but probably would not wear them myself.

Christian Siriano 3

Christian Siriano 6

The gowns however, I would wear, if I only had the time and place.

Christian Siriano 7

Christian Siriano 8

Christian Siriano 15

The show closer
Christian Siriano Finale Dress

Christian Siriano 18

View the entire photo set here.

All photos/content ®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost

Goodbye Fashion Week

Inside the Tents
Farewell, Bryant Park!

Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week is officially over! To say I’m a little behind on my posts is the understatement of the century. I skipped the last day of shows, and I’ve been up until ridiculous hours of the night the last 3 nights editing photos and planning posts. I’m still not even 1/4 of the way done. Twenty-two shows later, I’ve got over 5,510 photos total to edit! But never fear, the reviews and photo posts are coming. Slowly but surely.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in the coming days:

Richard Chai, Betsey Johnson *, Twinkle, Frank Tell *, Jeremy Laing, Rachel Antonoff *, Peter Jensen * Diane von Furstenberg, Graeme Armour *, Katie Gallagher *, Rad Hourani *, Samantha Pleet, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Phillip Lim, Elisa Palomino, Anna Sui, BCBG, Christian Siriano, Tim Hamilton, Street Style & Celebrity Photos, IFB Panel Videos, “What’s Inside my Gift Bags”, “NYFW in Review” and even some GIVEAWAYS!

* = Shows that also have video.

I’ll also be making a few big blog related announcements.
Stay Tuned!