Year of the Rabbit: Mandy Coon’s Mini Bunny Bag


I’ve been admiring Mandy Coon’s leather bunny bag for what seems like forever. Recently while doing some fashion week research, a search for Mandy led me to the website Of a Kind. Of a Kind’s goal is to “…support and promote on-the-rise fashion designers who get us excited by giving you access to their unique products and stories.”

There are dozens of awesome items available for sale on the site, but Ernie, a smaller version of Mandy’s black leather and velvet bunny bags really stands out. Not only is he adorable, he’d be the perfect accessory for the year of the rabbit!

Ernie is $295, and available in a signed limited edition of 30.

I love the concept behind the Of a Kind site almost as much as I love Ernie. Bonus: their product photography, by Jamie Beck, is pretty breathtaking as well.

Check out their site for more limited edition pieces. And an adorable photo/story of one of the site founders’ Grandmother wearing the Ernie bag.