Band of Horses and Karen Elson at Williamsburg Waterfront


Sunday night, I braved the intense summer heat and headed down to the Williamsburg waterfront to see Karen Elson, Grizzly Bear, and Band of Horses.

I arrived a bit late, coming back to the city after a weekend in Connecticut. But luckily, Karen Elson was still on stage. Looking and sounding gorgeous as always, Karen and her band members dressed in coordinated in peach and black outfits. I can’t get enough of Karen’s debut CD! She seemed to win over quite a few new fans in Sunday night’s audience as well.



I didn’t photograph Grizzly Bear’s set. Maybe it’s because I was far back from the stage in the “drinking area” with my friends who wanted beer… but Grizzly Bear didn’t capture my attention as much as I’d expected. Live, they sounded almost exactly like they do on CD. Their set seemed more like an intermission between the sultry and folksy Karen, and more animated stage performance of BOH.


Band of Horses went on stage right as the sun started setting. The heat, the sunset, and cool breeze coming off the east river aligned to create the perfect conditions for of the start of the summer concert season.


Band of Horses blew me away. I love them even more after seeing them live! They’re one of those rare live acts that despite having quite a few members, have a sound that flows together with each musicians contributions meshing together perfectly.


They also came across as genuinely fun guys, who loved performing and interacting with their fans, rather than just being on stage and doing their jobs. The highlight of the night had to be an overeager fan–Andrew, who repeatedly screamed and yelled trying to get the band’s attention, and eventually tried to jump on stage. Rather than freaking out, lead singer Ben Bridwell serenaded Andrew, and worked his name into multiple songs. I really hope some enterprising fan got the whole thing on video. It was truly hilarious.


The show was the perfect kick off event for a summer season of concerts at the Williamsburg waterfront. Quite a few great concerts are scheduled here. And look for the lineup of Jelly NYC‘s “Pool Party” free shows at the waterfront to be announced soon!

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The Best of What’s Going on This Week: Too Much

CMJ is kicking my ass, and it’s only day 2. It feels like fashion week all over again, just with music.
There is so much going on, I don’t even know where to start. I need to clone myself so I can be in 2 or 3 places at once. I’m literally getting a new email every 10minutes with some type of event flyer.

A small sampling of this week’s best offerings. Most of these are free!

Except this one. Not free.
Flavorpill’s CMJ Guide.
My Open Bar has a list of the events with free booze.

The after parties and some shows:

Did you RSVP? The list is now closed.

Vice parties are always interesting.


Free show Saturday! RSVP!

If you don’t care about CMJ, go to this:

Food and Booze. All. Day. Long.

Don’t even get me started on Halloween. Leave event suggestions here!