Chris Benz SS 2012 042

Since the very first time I saw photos of one of his collections back in 2009, I’ve been in love with Chris Benz.

Chris Benz SS 2012 120

Chris Benz SS 2012 002

Few designers do color and mix patterns and materials as well. His clothes are so colorful, viewing them is like injecting Crayola crayons directly into your veins.

Chris Benz SS 2012 077

Chris Benz SS 2012 047

His inspiration this season? “Andy Warhol’s superstars go to Coney Island, with a nod to candy kids.”

Chris Benz SS 2012 004

Chris Benz SS 2012 006

For Spring, Chris once again partnered with shoe designer Alejandro Ingelmo to create a line of wedges AND sneakers!

Chris Benz SS 2012 009

Chris Benz SS 2012 013

The dramatic hair and makeup complimented the 60’s inspired clothing:

Chris Benz SS 2012 014

Chris Benz SS 2012 017

Cotton Candy Hair!

Chris Benz SS 2012 041

Chris Benz SS 2012 049

Chris Benz SS 2012 054

Chris Benz SS 2012 066

Chris Benz SS 2012 064

Chris Benz SS 2012 053

The glasses and sunglasses the models wore were to die for.

Chris Benz SS 2012 059

Chris Benz SS 2012 005


Chris Benz SS 2012 010

Chris Benz SS 2012 011

Chris Benz SS 2012 018

The presentation space itself was just as colorful:

Chris Benz SS 2012 025

Chris Benz SS 2012 030

Chris Benz SS 2012 029

Chris Benz

Chris Benz SS 2012 032

Chris Benz SS 2012 033

Chris Benz SS 2012 070

Chris Benz SS 2012 072

Chris Benz SS 2012 076

Chris Benz SS 2012 078

Chris Benz SS 2012 086

Chris Benz SS 2012 088

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The Best of This Weekend’s Events

There are a lot of amazing events going on nyc this week. So many, it’s going to be tough for me to choose!

Greenpoint Flea Market:
Greenpoint Flea Market,The Greyest Ghost
Clothing, Food, and Craft Vendors! Every Friday from 12-8pm!

Sunday, I’m seeing Band of Horses with Grizzly Bear and Karen Elson on the Williamsburg Waterfront. Friday they’ll be playing a FREE SHOW at Grand Central Terminal.

Backyard Bazaar in Greenpoint:
The Greyest Ghost,NYC
” Come summer with us. Good times for the next 3 months. ******** ***An open air market, Hosted by In God We Trust & The Parlour Brooklyn*** Over a dozen vendors of antiques, vintage, jewelry, clothing and other unique goods provided by local artisans and designers. “ Plus free beer and mimosas!

CREST FEST Art Show in Williamsburg:
Featuring live music, food vendors, arts & crafts for sale, and more!

Coney Island,Mermaid Parade,NYC,Brooklyn,The Greyest Ghost
The 27th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade is Saturday June 19th at 2pm!

I hear the Hester Street Fair is due to be especially good this weekend. On Sunday, they are adding a Greenmarket:
Greenmarket,Hester Street Fair,The Greyest Ghost
More Info.

NYC & Worldwide:
TASCHEN Book Warehouse Sale:
taschen warehouse sale,nyc,sample sales!,the greyest ghost
See store locations, hours, and details here.

Memorial Day at Coney Island

Coney Island 9

Yesterday, along with half the population of New York City, I went to Coney Island. I was already exhausted after a long weekend with friends, the trains were hot and crowded, and the beach and boardwalk much the same. Not the best day for me to be around thousands of shoving strangers. The two friends I was due to meet up with got into a fight and left right after I arrived.

Coney Island 12

Thankfully after wandering around taking some photos and hanging out on the Boardwalk for a bit, my friend Kristabel arrived and saved the day. We didn’t hang out for much longer, but had a few laughs at the world’s worst street style (someone needs to document that asap. I was much too scared!), and strange men who barked like dogs and yelled in spanglish. After picking up some souvenirs, we headed home.

At least I got some fun photos in the midst of all the chaos:

Coney Island 8

Coney Island 10

Coney Island 6
Only after I was home editing my photos did I notice the hilarity I’d captured in the forefront of this photo. Two men who’s pants are pretty much falling off.

Coney Island 7
This wasn’t even half of the beach crowd!

Coney Island Self Portrait
Self Portrait.

Coney Island 4

While we waited in line to buy water, we made a new friend:
Coney Island Crazy Dog
He was completely and utterly bonkers.

Coney Island 2
Coney Island Beach Shop.

Coney Island 1

I love Coney Island, but next time, I’m not going on a holiday weekend!

Fly, Blackbird Fly

Back in January, I purchased a Superheadz Blackbird Fly camera. One roll of film made it through the camera, but when it came time to rewind the film I didn’t follow the full directions, and accidentally exposed it! I’ve been anxiously waiting to try it out again and see the end results. Today I got back the first three rolls I shot last week when I took visiting family members to Coney Island. I have to say, I’m in love!

The effect is very similar to lomo and holga cameras, but with less light leaks.

There are 3 different ways to take photos, seen here in this illustration from Holga Magic


I took half the photos with a mask on, and half with out. Unfortunately, the local developing place I went to couldn’t figure out how to print the photos with sprockets on their machine. So I’ll be having the best shots reprinted once I return to NYC next week. Here are some of my favorites:

Bella Beach 1

Mystic 1
Tall ship in Mystic, CT

Coney Beach 4 '09
Coney Island

Coney Double '09

Wonder Wheel Double Exposure

With the 24×24 mask:

Coney Wonder Wheel '09
Wonder Wheel

Coney Games '09

Watergun Game

Coney Shoot the Freak '09
Shoot the Freak

See more at my Flickr