The Blonds FW18 Backstage 037

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 052

The Blonds show what is arguably one of the most fun and innovative collections each NY Fashion Week. Season after season, no one else produces such over the top amazing looks, that find a home on red carpets and concert stages around the world.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 023

Preciosa crystals were also featured, along with bondage belts and accessories form new collaborator CreepyYeha.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 034

This season’s phenomenal nail look from longtime Blonds collaborators CND was inspired by the theme of good vs evil, and “Lucifer as a powerful woman”. Frescos, Red spikes, and studs made frequent appearances, in both the nail art and clothing.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 009

The outstanding nails featured crystals, spikes, flames, crocodile print, heavenly frescos, CND Shellac Gel Polish, and suede.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 006

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 007

“The whole story starts with Lucifer as a female. A strong powerful female, burning in the fire, finding the melted, molten marble, protecting herself with armor, and finding her spikes and her crystals”

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 020

The complete show’s worth of nails took the CND team over 400 hours to complete!

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 010

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 036

Sky high hair do’s by ORIBE topped off models’ looks:
The Blonds FW18 Backstage 004

While longtime Blonds collaborator Kabuku once again provided a bold makeup look for the show:

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 019

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 017
Kabuki finishing Daphne Guinness’ makeup.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 018
Daphne’s body suit, by The Blonds.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 011

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 001

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 024
The accessories are always just as fun as the clothes.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 026

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 027

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 030
Daphne Guinness, who performed during the show.

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 031

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 032

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 033

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 034

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 038

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 039

The finished nail look:

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 040

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 041

The Blonds FW18 Backstage 046

Lil Kim backstage after the show:
The Blonds FW18 Backstage 054

Model Iskra Lawrence:
The Blonds FW18 Backstage 055

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Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 016

Jeremy Scott’s fashion shows are vibrant, colorful affairs in the sea of NYFW “sameness”. Along with the always funky and fun clothing, it’s the perfect environment to catch some of the most innovative and creative beauty brands in the business at work.

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 008

Backstage, the ever trendsetting CND showcased bright neon nails, with glitter dipped fingertips. Created by CND Creative Ambassador Miss Pop, the look perfectly complimented the intergalactic space odyssey themed collection by Scott.

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 006

After dusting the fingers with silver glitter, the CND team applied nails painted with 2 alternating shades of CND Shellac. Hot Pop Pink, and a neon orange from the upcoming Spring 2018 collection. The oval shaped nails also alternated both gloss, and matte topcoats. Shellac Matte Top Coat created the matte look.

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 005

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 021

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 017

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 012

Frequent Jeremy Scott collaborator and MAC Key Makeup Artist Kabuki created a more subtle look than usual for this season’s runway show.

Studio Waterweight Foundation, and Studio Correct and Conceal palette were used to lightly correct and create “newborn baby skin”. For the eyes, lashes were curled, and eyebrows were brushed upward. But no mascara was used. A sheer lip color was then applied in matching tones to mimic each model’s natural lip shade. To finish the look, crystals were dotted under models’ eyes to incorporate the “bling” of the collection.

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 026

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 007

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 002
Supermodel Coco Rocha

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 004

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 022

To complete the behind the scenes looks, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director and ghd Ambassador, Eugene Souleiman created “sassy” party girl hair styles, unique to each model.

Souleimain said: ““I wanted to create something wearable that is unique to each models individual character. In the past we have created strong, conceptual looks that embrace the mood of the clothes and the statement Jeremy is making. This season the statement is, there is no statement. The hair is relaxed and beautiful. I want every girl to look in the mirror and like the way they look, then leave the show wearing the look.”

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 032
Gigi’s bouncy  ponytail

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 024
Karlie in the styling chair

To get the look:
1. Blow dry wet hair to straighten and lengthen using ghd Air Hairdryer and Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Me to hold hair in place
2. Prep hair with Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse, pressing into the hair rather than brushing through to add sharpness and definition and then pull hair back and shape into ponytail ensuring hair is high enough
3. Starting at the roots, use ghd Platinum styler to work downwards, adding more tension as you pull hair down to craft a sleek, straight look. Let hair cool down and then brush out the pony
4. To finish the look spray Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Firm for a strong, controlled finish — VIA WELLA.

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 028
Jasmine Tookes with a cute updo

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 015

Jeremy Scott S-S 2018 033

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The Blonds S/S 2012

The Blonds S-S 2012 139

I found it very fitting that one of the most theatrical and entertaining shows of NY Fashion Week took place on the last (for me) day. The Blonds’ shows are always a sight to see, as much a true spectacle as one can find during fashion week.

This season, I not only photographed the runway show, but ventured backstage as well. There, I found hair and nails just as show-stopping as the clothes.

The Blonds S-S 2012 59

CND nail tech Kristina Eastabrooks created a 20 sets of glamorous, sparkling nail tips for the show– that took over 100 hours to complete! The details on the nails, which featured materials like crushed geometric glass, 24k gold leafing, Swarovski crystals, and hand painted designs, were truly amazing:

The Blonds S-S 2012 84

The Blonds S-S 2012 1

The Blonds S-S 2012 8

The Blonds S-S 2012 9

The Blonds S-S 2012 10

The Blonds S-S 2012 53

The finished nails:
The Blonds S-S 2012 55

The Blonds S-S 2012 58

Dennis Lanni for Bumble and Bumble created “Jessica Rabbit”, curvy big hair that corresponded with the show’s classic 60’s heyday Playboy theme.

The Blonds S-S 2012 67

Dennis himself is a huge fan of 60’s era beauty, and it’s “big healthy hair”, but also insured the look didn’t veer too far into “pageant hair” territory.

To get the look:

Hair was sprayed down with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray. A large barrel curling iron was then used to curl hair, which was then pinned on the top of the head to set.

The Blonds S-S 2012 14

Once pins are removed, hair was back-combed with a fine bristled (not nylon!) brush. Hair was finished with Spray de Mode for hold.

The Blonds S-S 2012 38

The finished look:
The Blonds S-S 2012 80

The Blonds S-S 2012 69

The Blonds S-S 2012 68

The Blonds S-S 2012 32
Phillipe Blond gets the model treatment

The clothes themselves showed off an equally intense attention to detail:

The Blonds S-S 2012 52

The Blonds S-S 2012 41

The Blonds S-S 2012 18

The Blonds S-S 2012 17

The Blonds S-S 2012 16

The Blonds S-S 2012 45
Hand-finishing a corset right before the show

The Blonds S-S 2012 42

The Blonds S-S 2012 44

The Blonds S-S 2012 20

The Blonds S-S 2012 19

The Blonds S-S 2012 88

The Blonds S-S 2012 90

The Blonds S-S 2012 94

The Blonds S-S 2012 98

The Blonds S-S 2012 100

The Blonds S-S 2012 104

The Blonds S-S 2012 107

The Blonds S-S 2012 110

The Blonds S-S 2012 115

The Blonds S-S 2012 116

The Blonds S-S 2012 117

The Blonds S-S 2012 127

The Blonds S-S 2012 132

The Blonds S-S 2012 142

The Blonds S-S 2012 144

The Blonds S-S 2012 148

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