Adventures In DIY Studio Photography

Yea… so I’ve been MIA for a ridiculously long time. As usual, the universe has conspired to make my busiest periods, work wise, coincide with the craziest times in my life. I always take a bit of time off after Fashion Week. This season was no different– I spent two weeks in my hometown. As soon as I got back to NYC, I (this is embarrassing to even admit) damaged by nearly brand new macbook pro, rendering it nearly useless, and putting me out of commission for quite a long time. I’ve managed to get my old black macbook up and running again, so expect the last half of my NYFW posts, and some event coverage soon. And once it’s set up, a how-to post on building your own DIY at-home photo studio.

Until then, here is a teaser from my very first home studio shoot, which took place this past weekend. My friend, and long-time collaborator Casey Kettleson is working on a fun new personal project– more on that soon– and needed a photographer. Which ended up being the perfect occasion to test out my new lighting equipment. She rented a backdrop kit, and I trekked uptown to her apartment, for two days of fashion photography, and fun. While we were working on her project, we managed to get some fun new head shots to be used as promotional photos. Below, one of my favorites.

Casey Kettleson Head Shot

All Photos and Content ®2013 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

DIY Nail Art Editorial for

PRESS: StyledOn Nail Art Editorial 2

A few weeks ago, I spent a day with the ladies of StyledOn, photographing a DIY Nail Art editorial– featuring some gorgeous and surprisingly easy nail art designs! The step by step guide just went live today, and it looks beautiful. I learned some helpful tips and tricks for doing my own nails at the shoot, so I’m really excited to try out all of the DIY’s.

See the full feature with step by step photos here. They’re also running a DIY nail art contest!

®2011 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost.

A Peek Inside M&J Trimming

Inside M&J Trimming 2

On Thursday, I had attended a designer presentation in midtown (more on that soon!). On the way home, I passed by M&J Trimming, and decided to stop in and grab a few DIY supplies. I have an enormous DIY “to do” list, and a folder full of saved inspiration images.

While I was there I picked up some supplies to make a belt, 2 headbands, a few packs of studs and a hair bow. Since I had my camera with me I snapped a few photos of the trims and many goodies for sale in the store.

Inside M&J Trimming 4

Can you tell why this is one my favorite stores in NYC?

Inside M&J Trimming 1

Inside M&J Trimming 3

Trim cutter extraordinaire Genevieve:
Inside M&J Trimming 5

What you see is only about a quarter of the store! There is a lot more to browse. Next time I’m there, I plan on taking even more photos.

Aldo Wants You to be a Designer


ALDO shoes and Teen Vogue have paired up for a DIY design contest where you can win a chance to collaborate on a new shoe or accessory style and have your design mass produced!

All you have to do is design a DIY project using Aldo’s shoes or accessories, and upload a photo to the web site. If for some reason you don’t feel like entering, you can browse the site’s tutorials for about a dozen DIY projects you can easily do at home:


Cowboy style:


They aren’t the most descriptive DIY instructions, but if you have any crafting experience at all, you can figure them out.


This contest comes right in time for my own DIY night! I have a pair of aldo flats I’ve wanted to stud for ages. It’s rainy and gross in nyc, so tonight is the perfect night to start working on an entry. Or just get crafty and have some fun.

Visit the contest site for more info.

My NYC DIY and Craft Store Shopping Spree!

Last weekend, my graphic designer Mom and I went to the Garment District to stock up on supplies for DIY projects for myself, and buy embellishments for samples for her work designs.

I’ve got a huge list of projects I want to work on, and ideas floating around in my head. I bought some more supplies for headbands for my Etsy shop, some awesome studs and spikes for a Rodarte-inspired shoe project, and even found some cute nail art so I can give myself a “super kawaii” manicure!

We first hit up M&J Trim, an awesomely huge store and great resource for all things crafty. I saw a lot of products that I’ve seen used in various Etsy items. I can never leave that store with out spending a small fortune, and this time walked out with some tie dyed fringe, studs, spikes, feathered bows, and sequined trim for headbands.




crafts,DIY Not pictured: The huge SPIKES I got for my shoes!

I also found these zippered roses, which were about 1/4 of the price of the many zippered accessories I’ve been seeing in boutiques and magazines:


M&J is a GREAT resource for DIY wedding supplies. They even have their own Bridal Center, with consultants to help you create your dream wedding projects!

Next we went to Toho Shoji, a Japanese craft store, to pick up beads for my mom. I also found a small section of nail art and accessories, and ended up buying these gorgeous bows to add to my nails!

crafts DIY,nail art,crafts,DIY

Crafts,DIY Pearls for my nails, and some rhinestones for other projects.

After Toho Shoji, we walked down 37th Street, and ended up finding a dozen or so bead and craft stores. Between 5th and 6th Avenues, 37th is FULL of great stores to check out. It’s a great place to wander around if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and just in the mood to be crafty.

Our last stop was Martha Stewart’s favorite store, Tinsel Trading Co.

crafts,DIY,martha stewart

I am in love with this store! They have gorgeous trims, patches, vintage sari fabrics, ribbons, buttons, and anything you could possibly imagine. If you have an unlimited crafting budget, this is where you shop. I picked up a bouquet of vintage velvet flowers, blue rope trim to use as a belt, and some velveteen ribbon.

DIY,Crafts Vintage flowers

I can’t wait to start working on all of my projects!
What are your dream DIY’s that you’d like to create? If you have photos of any projects you’ve done, post them here! I love to see what kinds of things people come up with.

The Grey Ghost Etsy


My Etsy is finally up and running! Only a few listings are up so far, but more items will be added through out the day. The Grey Ghost will mainly be focusing on hair accessories, and jewelry. Right now we’re featuring Fascinators, Headbands and Hair Clips. With Chain and Studded Jewelry, and Photographic Prints coming soon!


Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade


One of the best ideas I’ve ever seen!


Burda Style, an awesome sewing web site with user created pattens has a great article on how to make your own Indian style leggings. They are longer than average legging styles, and have gorgeous ruching at the ankle. I hate paying more than ten or fifteen dollars for leggings that most likely won’t last a season. So what a great way to make unique leggings in all different types of fabrics, for less! I’ll definitely be hitting up Mood, and trying this out asap.

Photo via Burda Style