Tuesday Afternoon Link Roundup!

Awesome resource Brokelyn has a list of the best places to make cash for your old clothes

ABC Carpet & Home’s Warehouse Sale is going on now at their Bronx outlet, and Madison Avenue Spy has a printable discount letter for 15% off!

Fashion Week Daily is “looking for truly obsessed entry-level writer/reporters to cover fashion week from the very, very inside.” Via Ed2010

Gilt Fuse, Gilt Groupe’s hipper, less expensive sample sale site launches Wednesday August 12th at noon!

Another week, another set of filming locations for Gossip Girl, The Beautiful Life, Eat Pray Love, and more!

Refinery 29 is amused by Style.com’s take on Lollapalooza “Street Style”.
(View more here).

Loeffler Randall’s e-commerce web site launches today! Via WWD. Time to stock up on shoes!

Block Parties, PBR, and an Isaac Mizrahi cabaret performance? The Cut has a list of some of the highlights of “Fashion’s Night Out” on September 10th.

Teen Vogue wants to send you to the New Moon premiere —Don’t lie, I know you’re counting down the days. Vampires are big in England too!

You know times must be desperate when even Forever 21 is offering shoppers a discount code.

Your flip flops might kill you. Ewwwwww. Glad I only wear mine as old lady style “house shoes”.

And last but not least:
The Greyest Ghost gets some link love from Jezebel!

Gossip Girl Set Report #3: Hilary Duff!

hillary duff,chace crawford,gossip girl

Today marked the arrival of Hillary Duff on the Gossip Girl set, filming her guest spot as Olivia, Vanessa’s new roommate. “Olivia Burke” is ” a movie star who enrolls at NYU in search of a traditional college experience.”
She joined cast members Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley filming what looked a like a morning run to a coffee and donut cart.

chace crawford,penn badgley

The cast filmed at the cart for over two hours, switching angles and directions half way thorough. At one point, an extremely rude paparazzi (one of the most obnoxious I’ve ever encountered) threw a fit after being asked by a crew member for his press credentials. He started screaming, and firing off his camera so much that the clicking shutter disrupted even Penn Badgley, who was visibly annoyed and yelled out “We’re filming here!” at the rude photographer. The entire audience laughed as he was chased off the set. The paparazzi presence was larger today than any other day I’ve been on set. Likely due to it being Hillary’s first day. It was great to see some new faces like Hillary and Chace this time I visited the set. Maybe next time I’ll finally get to see Blake!

(I also went to the sets of Eat, Pray, Love and Going the Distance today, but sadly there was no outdoor filming going on.)


penn badgley

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