Peter Jensen F/W 2010

Peter Jensen 30

This past Valentine’s day, I finished my night of shows with a wonderful live performance by A Camp at Peter Jensen’s fall/winter 2010 presentation. The band played classic love songs, while models posed on an illustrated backdrop of (what looked like) a school cafeteria.

The effect was a pleasant, relaxed fashion presentation, with both male and female models leisurely wandering on and off stage wearing Jensen’s trademark quirky cute clothing.

Peter Jensen 9

Peter Jensen 8

The fall collection’s inspiration? “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” and wartime London.

Peter Jensen 17
Clearly visible in the updated school girl looks of the collection.

Peter Jensen 22

Peter Jensen 2
Music provided by A Camp.

A bit of french influence was visible as well:
Peter Jensen 16

Peter Jensen 26

Not your average school uniform:
Peter Jensen 4
Rich Velvet Plaids.

Peter Jensen 14
Hooded Jackets.

Peter Jensen 38
British Guard Blazer.

The finale:
Peter Jensen 39

Peter Jensen 33
Setting up the final shot.

Peter, after the show:
Peter Jensen
He is Awesome.

Nina Persson (formerly of The Cardigans) and Nathan Larson of A Camp:
Nina Persson and Nathan Larson

My video of the full presentation:
(Coming soon!)

View the entire photo set here.

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Rachel Antonoff F/W 2010: The Mystery at Lafayette House

Rachel Antonoff 26

Last Saturday, I attended the Rachel Antonoff Fall/Winter 2010 show at Lafayette House in the East Village. This season, the presentation was set up as a “murder mystery”.

Upon entering, guests were handed a “list of suspects”:

The story surrounds a murdered ballerina who had left behind a roster full of ex-lovers, jealous coworkers, and stalkers, all dressed in Antonoff’s newest collection of gorgeous dresses and separates.

Rachel Antonoff 27
The ballerina.

The suspects:
Rachel Antonoff 8

Rachel Antonoff 4

Upon moving through the rooms, you encounter more suspects, some searching desperately for clues of the victim’s demise, and others looking rather pleased with the current situation.
Rachel Antonoff 5

Rachel Antonoff 12

Rachel Antonoff 29

Rachel Antonoff 30

Rachel Antonoff 18

Rachel Antonoff 24
The Butcher.

At the end—the murderess!
Rachel Antonoff 33
Washing the “blood” off her hands.

I loved the “mystery at Lafayette house”. Another whimsical and ultra girly collection from Antonoff, and one of the best and most original presentations I attended all week!

Rachel Antonoff
Rachel Antonoff.

In addition to photos, I shot a video walk-through of the entire presentation:

Styling was done by the lovely Bunny Bisous, Miss Julia Frakes:
Julia Frakes

Also present to provide support–Rachel’s mom:
Rachel Antonoff and Her Mom

As I was leaving the presentation, Peaches Geldoff walked in:
Peaches Geldof
Looking a bit sleepy.

See the entire photo set here.

I can’t wait until next season to see what kind of presentation Rachel comes up with next!

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Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show

Christian Siriano 9

On the Friday afternoon of fashion week, I attended Christian Siriano’s fashion show. I was one of the last photographers in–the show is so popular, a lot ended up getting shut out. I heard rumblings of the same thing happening last season, which makes me think he really should be showing in the tent, Bryant Park’s largest space.

I knew it was going to be an “interesting” show to shoot as soon as I walked in. Not only did I have to squeeze myself in to the pit, earning an awkward left corner spot, but a haze permeated the air that could only mean one thing: a fog machine. AKA my worst nightmare when it comes to both fashion shows and concerts. Once the show actually started, I nearly screamed: The lights were BLUE. Combined with the fog, I had a lot of trouble metering my shots, and with only a few seconds to secure a photo of each look, I knew everything was going to end up looking like I’d shot it under the sea. The end results are images that are somewhat blurred and ghostly, but I like it.

Christian Siriano 2

Christian Siriano 5

The overall show was very festive and exciting, but most of the clothing was not my style. Christian was influenced by the retro styles of 1950’s and 1960’s French women. While classics like suits and shift dresses were updated with sparkling accents, I could appreciate the looks but probably would not wear them myself.

Christian Siriano 3

Christian Siriano 6

The gowns however, I would wear, if I only had the time and place.

Christian Siriano 7

Christian Siriano 8

Christian Siriano 15

The show closer
Christian Siriano Finale Dress

Christian Siriano 18

View the entire photo set here.

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Goodbye Fashion Week

Inside the Tents
Farewell, Bryant Park!

Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week is officially over! To say I’m a little behind on my posts is the understatement of the century. I skipped the last day of shows, and I’ve been up until ridiculous hours of the night the last 3 nights editing photos and planning posts. I’m still not even 1/4 of the way done. Twenty-two shows later, I’ve got over 5,510 photos total to edit! But never fear, the reviews and photo posts are coming. Slowly but surely.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in the coming days:

Richard Chai, Betsey Johnson *, Twinkle, Frank Tell *, Jeremy Laing, Rachel Antonoff *, Peter Jensen * Diane von Furstenberg, Graeme Armour *, Katie Gallagher *, Rad Hourani *, Samantha Pleet, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Phillip Lim, Elisa Palomino, Anna Sui, BCBG, Christian Siriano, Tim Hamilton, Street Style & Celebrity Photos, IFB Panel Videos, “What’s Inside my Gift Bags”, “NYFW in Review” and even some GIVEAWAYS!

* = Shows that also have video.

I’ll also be making a few big blog related announcements.
Stay Tuned!