A Visit To Sleepy Hollow

Horseman's Hollow

Yesterday, I took a break from all my edits and event photography work to head north of the city for a visit to the town of Sleepy Hollow. Made famous by the Washington Irving tale of The Headless Horseman, the town joyfully capitalizes on the story’s mythology, and celebrates the spirit of Halloween.

Sleepy Hollow

I’ve been wanting to go to Sleepy Hollow, which was just a 40 minute train ride north of the city, for YEARS. I love ghosts, Halloween, and “spooky” things, so I was incredibly excited to finally have time to make the trip.

One of the fun “attractions” I was able to stop by was Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Night time lantern tours are offered, and there is even a two-evening night-time photography workshop (that I’m very sad I can’t attend!) in the month of October.

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Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade


This past weekend, I stopped by Tompkins Square Park for the 20th Annual Halloween Dog Parade. I’ve missed it the last few Halloweens, and was so glad I caught it before heading out of town. It’s always a blast seeing what creative costumes NYC’s dog owners come up with for their pets.

The first “dog” I encountered in the park. Definitely scary!

Hot Dog.

Indian Chief.

NY Yankee

Mounted Deer Head!


Not sure what he is. A giant robot? He came on this float:

Cute bug!

Polo player.

The mummy was my favorite.

Second favorite: Antoine Dodson.



Elmo and Elmo were hard to capture.

The Queen.


Sherlock Holmes.

Woof with the Wind. I think “Gracie” was passed out!

See the full photo set here.

Halloween Highlights

Thanks to Halloween being on a Saturday, I had not one but two nights of costumed fun this weekend. Both nights I hit up parties nearby in Bushwick, since the L train insanity and bad weather kept me out of Manhattan. Friday was a friend of a friend’s party, complete with costume contest and a mini dance party with some of the weirdest and most random party music I’ve heard in a long time.

I went as Cleopatra:

My old roommate Mollie (as a Rainbow!) and I.

My friends.

Mollie as a rainbow.

David as Swine Flu.

Patrick Bateman.

Kool Aid Man.

The JMZ Train.

Saturday night, I went to Surreal Estate’s Halloween party a few blocks from my apt. There were 3 floors full of party-goers, including a large outdoor roof deck. By the end of the night, things ended up getting a little too crazy for my taste. But not before having a great time with almost all of my best friends in nyc, and meeting other guests with amazing costumes:

Anthony as a scarily accurate Billy Mays.

Billy, a Magician, and Cleopatra.

Magician, Cleopatra, Marathon Runner, and Flapper.

A lion, guy I don’t know, and Cleopatra. Hahah.

Not my friends, but also wearing cool costumes:

Dia de los Muertos 2
3 Caterinas.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins.

Southern Belle Mother Daughter Steel Magnolias Duo
Mom & Daughter Steel Magnolias duo.

And this girl, who was a fire dancer:
FireTwirler  4

FireTwirler  1

The Best of What’s Going on This Week: Halloween Edition

Cool concept, horrible flyer.

* Tonight, Ladies Lotto is hosting a “future of Fashion” panel at the Tribeca Grand. I’m not familiar with Ladies Lotto, but this panel promises an inside look at the industry featuring “some of the city’s leading fashion industry experts including designers, forecasters, stylists, photographers, publicists and editors.” And there are gift bags and cocktails! More info here.

* Tomorrow night things really kick off with Ruben Toledo giving a talk and doing a signing of his new illustrated Penguin Couture Classics at F.I.T.
Thursday, October 29, 6-8 pm
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center, first floor

“Ruben Toledo talks about art, fashion, his wife Isabel, her influence on his work, and why “collaboration is the name of the game” for this Cuban-born artist. A signing of books from Penguin’s Couture Classics series will follow the lecture. The covers of Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and The Scarlet Letter feature original art by Ruben Toledo. “ Free with RSVP. Call 212.217.4585 or email museuminfo@fitnyc.edu. .

* Liz from White Lightning hosts a party for Beauty Channel at the Korres store in Soho.
RSVP to lgovea@studiobeautymix.com

* Also on Thursday, INVEN.TORY hosts a cocktail launch party for Lutz & Patmos:

* Friday night, the Halloween fun starts with an art crawl in DUMBO with gallery events, and a dance party:

* Another Friday night extravaganza: the return of Ruff Club? That’s what I’m hearing.

There are so many events on actual Halloween night, I debated even posting since I would inevitably leave some out. But here are a few of my best suggestions, based on past year’s parties, hype, and word of mouth:

* Flavorpill’s party, which is always huge, and benefits a good cause:

* Surreal Estate’s “Heave on Hell” in Bushwick:
Just one of many “secret” Halloween loft parties going on this weekend. (Recommended by Bushwick BK.)

It’s a Dog’s Halloween

Time to start thinking about Halloween costumes! More importantly, your pet’s costume. It’s pretty easy to come up with good costume ideas for humans with unlimited fashion choices. Pets, however are another story. Dogs love fashion too. So don’t go with the typical “dog as hot dog” idea. Try something new. Like Hannibal Lecter!

Dog Halloween 2: Hannibal

Hannibal was the hit of the Thompkins Square Park Dog Halloween parade a few years ago. He’s so awesome, he is featured on a slideshow of dog costume ideas on Parents Magazine’s web site today.

If those aren’t enough ideas for you, try searching for dog costumes on etsy. You can find everything from Dinosaurs to sushi, to…whatever this thing is.

Or if your dog is like my dog, and refuses to wear “clothes”, get in the spirit with a nice bandana.

Dog Halloween 1: Press
Press Photographer at Thompkins Square Park Dog Parade

Dog Halloween
City Garden.

Show off your dog’s sense of style at one of the various nyc dog Halloween festivities going on this year:


Sunday, October 18, 2009 – Times Square Dog Day Masquerade from 1:00 to 3:00 pm
WHERE: The new Broadway plaza between 43rd and 44th Streets.

My favorite, the Friends of the First Run Thompkins Square Park Halloween Parade. Saturday October 24th at noon. Thompkins Square dog run.

There are some non-Halloween animal events going on this month too:
AKC’s Meet the Breeds, at the Javits Center: Meet 160 breeds of dogs, 40 breeds of cats. “Allows attendees to literally “Meet the Breeds” by petting the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and learning about them directly from the experts.”

The PAWS Central Park Dog Country Fair, (an event I’ve attended nearly every year since I moved to New York) is sadly canceled this year due to the storm damage the park sustained this summer. Now a benefit is being held October 17th to raise money to help repair the park.

October in New York is prime time for city dwelling dog lovers. But If you’re more of a cat person, you can just live vicariously through United Bamboo’s creepy cat calendar.