Ladurée Macarons…in NYC!

Laduree macarons, thanks to @jennlevine :)

Earlier this week, Ladurée opened their first US store in NYC. I’ve been wanting to try them for ages–I’ve never been to Paris, and am a huge macaron lover! Luckily, I talked them up so much, my roommate made a trip uptown to purchased a dozen, and bring a few home to share with me. You can read her review of the experience here.

Not only are the macarons beautiful (and one of my favorite inanimate objects to photograph), but they are delicious! To be honest, I wasn’t as fond of the fruity flavors (they filling reminded me of jam), but the cream filled macarons like Pistachio were amazing! Definitely worth a stop in the store to try them, and get a little taste of Paris here in NYC.

Instagram Weekend #2

I’m thinking of making this a regular feature, since I keep documenting my weekends via Instagram. It’s easier than carting my DSLR out, something I usually don’t want to do when I’m just hanging out with my friends. Some of these photos are from earlier in the week (I’m cheating!), but were fun enough to share anyway. I shot two editorials last week, so I just couldn’t resist sharing little sneak peeks.

My new Moo postcards that I got to promote my new work/new website came in:
New Moo Postcards I am in love!

Did some more experimenting with Sally Hansen Nail Effects:
Houndstooth Nails
The glitter, which held up for the entire length of NYFW back in February, seemed to be much more durable than the houndstooth.

On Wednesday, I shot a feature at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lab for Styled On:
At Robert Verdi's Luxe Lab
I couldn’t resist matching my new nails!

The space is full of amazing art, like this golden chandelier:
Robert Verdi's Luxe Lab: Chandelier

Robert has a TRUNK full of custom made Vans–constructed from his Hermes scarf collection!
Custom Vans
More on that, when the feature goes live at Styled On.

When the weather got warmer, I broke out my 80’s sunglasses:
80's Glasses

Friday, I shot another editorial for Styled On. Featuring these bad boys:
Suno X Loeffler Randall
Suno X Loeffler Randall.

Afterward, we headed back to the office for some R&R and a great view:
StyledOn Offices

Soho From the Sky

After shooting some new street style on Saturday, I rewarded myself with a slice of Blue Velvet cake from Little Cupcake Bakeshop:
Blue Velvet Cake
It was sooo good, but so rich. I could only eat half!

I finished off Saturday night at a friend’s birthday party in Brooklyn. The bar had plenty of fun things to photograph:

Pinball– my favorite game ever!

Turn On
Gotta love bathroom graffiti.

Instagram Weekend

Last week, I started using Instagram on my iPhone. I ran into Jennine from The Coveted at an event, and after chatting about how much we love our iPhones and their ability to help us “mobile blog”, she told me how much she loves Instagram. I’ve been using Hipstamatic, but haven’t been 100% happy with the image quality. I’m now head over heels in love with Instagram, and all its customizable features. I can’t stop taking photos!

Here is my weekend, in Instagram photos:

Friday marked the arrival of April Cat.

I learned how to use my new favorite app. Kind of.

I FINALLY saw HP7. (I broke my foot the night before the theatrical release, and never made it.)

Saturday morning, I did a photo shoot with Jennine and Swedish Hasbeens for H&M.

Jennine looking stylish on my LCD screen!

Caught the tail end of the Pillow Fight in Union Square.

Found my favorite wine, which is always out of stock.

Enjoyed the view from the Brooklyn Flea’s new Williamsburg home on Sunday.

Tried Crack Pie. Still deciding whether or not the tiny slice was worth $5.50.

If you need any additional convincing to use Instagram, you can learn all about the benefits, and ways to play around with it (like making galleries, and stickers). I know I’m definitely sticking with it! ❤