Sally LaPointe S/S 2012


Sally Lapointe’s Spring collection was inspired by the Renwick Ruins, the former smallpox hospital on NYC’s Roosevelt Island. So it was fitting that to complement the clothing’s vintage inspiration, Stylist Laurent Philippon for Bumble and Bumble created an unconventional look, inspired by haunted 1920’s ballerinas.



To get the look hair was sprayed with Bumble and Bumble Prep. Hair was then sculpted into a bun, using Bb Gel. When dry, a black wig cap was pulled over the front of the hair.


Spray de Mode was used on loose hair to provide additional hold. The ends were then tucked into the front of the wig cap.



To finish the look, white Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder was sprayed onto the front of the cap.


Smoothing the hair powder

The finished look:




The hairstyle was quite fitting for LaPointe’s sculptural, architecture inspired meets outer space collection.










Though the lighting on the runway was a little difficult (I REALLY hate smoke machines, and think they should be banned from all runways!), I thought the collection looked great, and proved to be one of the most ambitious and avant-garde collections of the season.





Designer Sally LaPointe

See the full photo set here.

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Japanese Lady Gaga Fans Dress to Impress

I’ve been working on an epic street style post for a while now. One of the best things I came across while doing my research has to be these photos of Japanese Lady Gaga fans attending her two sold out Tokyo shows. I posted about the photos on twitter last week, but couldn’t resist showcasing more of the outfits. The attention to detail and variety of costumes is amazing! People of all ages and sexes dressed up as Gaga in her many incarnations–and there is even one Beyonce! I didn’t see anything like this at the NYC show I attended.

Some of my favorite looks:

Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Lady Gaga,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Look at this little guy!
Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

“Gaga and Beyonce” from the “Telephone” video:
Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost
Love the hair chains!

Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Lady Gaga,Tokyo,Japan,,The Greyest Ghost

Take a look at the original posts for even more images. It’s really worth it, just to see the detail in the larger images. Everything from the makeup, to hair accessories, to fingernails is impeccably done.

All photos via here and here.

Lady Gaga at Radio City

Lady Gaga: Sold Out
This past Saturday night, I saw Lady Gaga’s amazing sold out show at Radio City Music Hall in New York. I’ve been to nearly two hundred concerts over the last fifteen years, and this show definitely earned a ranking in the top five.

Lady Gaga 3

The sets and lights were phenomenal, as was Gaga’s stage presence. She managed to engage the entire audience and made it feel more like an intimate night club than Radio City. She played all of her best songs (except Telephone!!), including “Poker Face” both acoustically and normal. The only downside of the entire night: I was seated somewhat far back and was stuck using a digicam instead of my DSLR. Everyone there was taking pictures, so I probably could have got away with sneaking it in, but didn’t want to risk it. But I think I still got some great (albeit grainy and sometimes pixelated) shots of Gaga and her fabulous outfits, and also a ton of video that I might upload at a later date.

Lady Gaga 8

Lady Gaga 10

Lady Gaga 11

Lady Gaga 6

Lady Gaga 12

Lady Gaga 9

Lady Gaga 2

Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

Lady Gaga 4

Lady Gaga 5

Lady Gaga 1

Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

Lady Gaga 7

Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

There were a lot of costumed fans in attendance:
Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

After the show, I met the fans with the best (handmade) costumes of all:
Lady Gaga's Best Dressed Fans

This show is seriously phenomenal. If you have a chance to see Gaga live TAKE IT. You won’t regret it.

GagaXGossip Girl Redeux

The first on set photo of Lady Gaga’s GG appearance has leaked. So far, this looks awesome. In the usual “awesomely bad” gossip girl way.

Check out those pasties. Maybe Lohan (for Ungaro) was just ahead of her time…Just kidding.

She’s said to be wearing a dress with a THIRTY FOOT train during the performance.


Just in case you missed it, my visit to the set on the day of Gaga’s filming is here.

Info/Photo: The Cut via Nitrolicious.

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I’m Your Biggest Fan, I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me: Gossip Girl Set Report # 5

So, my GagaXGossip Girl post is a little late. I ended up grabbing lunch with a friend from back in PRE-SCHOOL which turned into banana pudding at Magnolia, to tea at another friends, to margaritas, to empanadas to go. It’s been a crazy 24hours. But now I am back, and full of set report goodness.

Yesterday, I traveled down to the LES filming location of Gossip Girl after hearing rumors of Lady Gaga finally filming her guest appearance on the show. Leighton Meester confirmed the rumor while guesting on the Ryan Seacrest show.  So there were twice as many fans lurking about as the last time I went to the set since the cold weather arrived. (I never made a post, but I went to the Tribeca set last week to see the cast filming at Brandy Library. By far the worst set experience I’ve had. It was a total waste of time. I saw Chace Crawford and his mom for 2.5 seconds, then nothing. No photos. No info.)

I ended up waiting hours in the cold, so long I could barely feel my feet after. But throughout the afternoon and evening I saw Hilary Duff, Penn Badgley, Jessica Szohr, Leighton Meester, and also on set for about 5 minutes total–Taylor Momsen. It was starting to get dark shortly after I first arrived on set. Once the cast actually emerged to leave and/or take a break, it was dark and dingy out. I hadn’t planned on staying so long, so I unfortunately did not have my flash. So here are the (few) good photos from Tuesday’s set.

Hilary Duff heading to her trailer for a break from filming.

Hilary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Hilary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Hilary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Hillary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Leighton heading home.


The cast was filming what looked to be a concert or night club scene at a LES arts center. The inside was lit with bright blue and green lights, and covered in sparkly backdrops. Very similar to what you’d expect at an “under the sea” themed dance. According to the crew, this episode is # 3×10, entitled “The Last Days of Disco Stick”, and will air on November 16th.

Jessica, hidden.

After a short period of not seeing any cast members emerge, the crew began tearing down the set. Shortly after, security brought luggage out to Gaga’s car, and began to “secure the perimeter”. After waiting for hours, Gaga finally emerged around 10:30pm. She stopped to sign a few autographs and pose for photos with 2 fans, then drove away. It was short and sweet, but despite the cold, worth the long wait. Here is my view of Gaga leaving the scene:

It’s amazing how fast this video has made it’s way around the internet!

I spent more time waiting around on set than I ever have previously. But I met some of the nicest fans yet. So many people spent time chatting about the show. And I even learned some tips from a few fellow photographers. Thank You everyone who made the wait go by even faster! If you were there, please comment and share your story!

As always: On Location Vacations is THE BEST and most accurate site on the internet for location info. There are a lot of impostors popping up, but they usually just steal their info! I check OLV and twitter daily for the latest updates.  If you’d like to catch Gossip Girl this Friday, head to 55th st and 2nd ave via the filming info here.

All photos and video ®2009 RS/The Greyest Ghost