Topshop Jubilee

I was just browsing Topshop and came across more amazing holiday clothing and accessories. A few weeks back I freaked over the holiday collection at the NY Mag VIP shopping event. Looks like now there are even more shiny and sheer things to catch my eye and make me want to run as fast as I can to the Soho store.

This sequin dress needs to get in my closet asap:

As does this gorgeous sheer blouse:

Sadly I can’t wear heels (I had a bad knee/ankle injury a few years ago) but if I could I’d be buying these:


I love sequins!:

And stripes:


These bow platforms remind me of the Chanel bow booties Jane from Sea of Shoes wears a lot:

Something about the stitching on these heels makes it seem like they would fit right in in a Tim Burton movie: