Mandy Coon S/S 2012


After past season looks featuring jellyfish inspired braids, and colored hair pieces, the backstage beauty at Mandy Coon’s Spring show was much more low maintenance.

Rolando Beauchamp for Bumble and Bumble created a look that eschewed “effortless glamour”, and brought to mind mermaid hair one usually finds after a long day at the beach.



To get the look: Bumble and Bumble Gel was applied to damp hair, which was parted in the center, and then blown dry. Using a 1 inch curling iron, random sections of hair were curled– leaving the ends loose/un-curled.


Next hair was set with Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream. Finally, Bb Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Cream was applied to “rough up” hair and achieve a “matte finish”.




NARS National Makeup Artist Francelle created a low maintenance look, inspired by artist Mark Rothko. Eyes were “color blocked”, and lips mimicked the stain one gets after eating raspberries.

To get the look: Francelle started with NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer on skin. Next, a combination of The Multiple in Laguna and Bronzing Powder were dusted over cheekbones. For lips, Bilbao Lipstick was applied first, followed by a dab of Valparaiso Pure Matte Lipstick over top, which Francelle applied using her finger. Lids were painted with Lhasa Eye Shadow and Douces Frances Trio (using the pink shade). Santa Monica Boulevard Eye Liner Pencil was used in the inside corners of eyes, with Black Moon Eye Liner Pencil lining the outer edges.

The finished look:


Mandy Coon’s collections are consistently a favorite of mine, and the Spring collection– inspired by Mandy’s love of rocks and crystals, and featuring an intriguing mix of textures and materials– is just as cutting edge as I’ve come to expect.




Jamie Bochert opened the show.












See the full photo set here.

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Sneak Peek: NYFW S/S 2012 DAY THREE

Sneak Peek: Peter Som S/S 2012
Backstage at Peter Som

Sneak Peek: NAHM S/S 2012
Backstage at NAHM

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week S/S 2012, New York City
NAHM – Maureen Kaveney for The Greyest Ghost

Sneak Peek: United Bamboo S/S 2012
United Bamboo

Sneak Peek: Mandy Coon S/S 2012
Backstage at Mandy Coon

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week S/S 2012, New York City
Logan Neitzel – Maureen Kaveney for The Greyest Ghost

Sneak Peek: Sally LaPointe S/S 2012
Backstage at Sally LaPointe

®2011 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost and Maureen Kaveney

Year of the Rabbit: Mandy Coon’s Mini Bunny Bag


I’ve been admiring Mandy Coon’s leather bunny bag for what seems like forever. Recently while doing some fashion week research, a search for Mandy led me to the website Of a Kind. Of a Kind’s goal is to “…support and promote on-the-rise fashion designers who get us excited by giving you access to their unique products and stories.”

There are dozens of awesome items available for sale on the site, but Ernie, a smaller version of Mandy’s black leather and velvet bunny bags really stands out. Not only is he adorable, he’d be the perfect accessory for the year of the rabbit!

Ernie is $295, and available in a signed limited edition of 30.

I love the concept behind the Of a Kind site almost as much as I love Ernie. Bonus: their product photography, by Jamie Beck, is pretty breathtaking as well.

Check out their site for more limited edition pieces. And an adorable photo/story of one of the site founders’ Grandmother wearing the Ernie bag.

Mandy Coon S/S 2011: Backstage and Presentation

Mandy Coon 91

WHO: Mandy Coon
WHAT: Spring 2011 Collection
WHERE: 9/9/10, Milk Studios

Mandy Coon 94


Both the hair, and the clothing were inspired by Mandy’s vision of Jellyfish.

Backstage, teams from MAC and Ion Studios prepped the models:

Mandy Coon 99

Mandy Coon 100
Lead stylist Pasquale led the Ion Studios team in creating an under the sea inspired look.

Hair was sprayed with salt water to texturize. Next, hair was back combed to create body, woven into a thick braid, and then pinned over the eyes to create a jellyfish-like shape.

Mandy Coon 103

Mandy Coon 102

The finished look:
Mandy Coon 104

Lead artist Francelle Daly for MAC also followed the Jellyfish theme, keeping eyes bare, while creating an iridescent look for the rest of the face. Pro Prime translucent powder was used on the skin. Frozen white pigment highlighted cheek bones, and strobe cream was smoothed onto arms and legs.

Mandy Coon 87


Mandy Coon 77

Mandy Coon 82

Mandy Coon 74

Mandy Coon 93
Even the lighting fit the under sea theme.

Mandy Coon 40

Mandy Coon 66

Mandy Coon 3

My favorite looks:
Mandy Coon 55

Mandy Coon 48

Mandy Coon 1

Mandy Coon 44

VERDICT: Gorgeous! Another rare collection where I would wear every piece. The airy, flowing fabrics, and bright colors mixed in with basic blacks (my wardrobe staple) blew my mind. This is what a sunset would look like, reflected under the sea.

View the full photo set here.

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