Narciso Rodriguez Spring/Summer 2010 Video

On Tuesday evening, I attended the Narciso Rodriguez show. I was lucky enough to be snuck in to the standing room line by a friend. And ended up being one of the few people who were allowed to enter after all the seated guests had arrived.

Narciso’s overall presentation impressed me slightly more than the clothes. I expected a bit more; to see a few more unique standout pieces from such a fan favorite. But in my opinion he didn’t take any risks or progress as much as I’d have preferred. The clothing did look great, even if it seemed to play it safe. Many celebrities, famous fashionistas, and fellow designers turned up to at the show. Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Fern Mallis, Linda Fargo, and Courtney Love are among the faces that can be spotted in the video.

My memory card filled up 3/4 of the way through, but I still managed to capture most of the looks on film.