L.A.M.B S/S 2012


This season, l.a.m.b. moved from the largest space in the tents, to the smallest. The lack of designer Gwen Stefani, who was busy recording the new No Doubt album in LA was the likely culprit for the downgrade. But I couldn’t help but feeling a lot more than just Gwen was missing.

Thankfully, the hair and makeup was on par with past l.a.m.b shows. Famous hairstylist and Gwen BFF Danilo never fails to thrill with his amazing and eclectically influenced hair creations.


Danilo, for Pantene created the look for spring, describing it as an “Indian inspired yoga knot”.


To get the look:
Start with Pantene Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Balm, slicking the hair back into a high ponytail. Next, black ponytail extensions (using extensions from Flawless by Danilo) were fastened around the natural pony. Hair was then twisted into a messy topknot, and secured with an elastic.



An old-school l.a.m.b for lesportsac wristlet setting on the counter backstage.


Nails were by ESSIE. Using 2 coats of the upcoming Winter 2012 color “Bobbing for Bubbles”, celebrity manicurist Elle created an eye-catching look for the models nails.


ESSIE founder and president Essie Weingarten was backstage to see her creative team in action:

Maybelline’s Charlotte Willer created an updated smokey eye to coincide with the Indian-themed inspiration.




To get the look: Create a smooth surface with Fit Me Foundation and Pressed Powder on the face. Next, using a damp makeup brush, gray shadow from Maybelline Pink Persuasion Eye Studio Color Plush palette was applied around the top and bottom of eyes. Eyes were finished with black liner around the entire eye, and multiple coats of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Finally, cheeks were enhanced with Maybelline Blush Deep Rose in Pink, with lips finished using Color Sensational Popstick Lip Color Gloss in Pink.

The finished look:


I’d love to try this smokey cat eye out for myself!


I can’t help but feel deja-vu to past l.a.m.b seasons…

Unfortunately, I was more impressed by the backstage beauty than the actual clothes for Spring. As a fan from the very first season, I have to say this collection left me wanting. It was nothing new, from a brand made famous by its ability to transform a wide variety of influences into a unique creative collection.




This sweater was my favorite piece in the collection.




The saving graces of the collection would definitely be the patterns–Gwen is never afraid to take risks mixing prints and patterns. I found this season’s shoes, and the jewelry, by NOIR to be the standouts by far.





Amazing bracelet by NOIR!

These shoes are a breathtaking electric navy blue in person.

The pieced together look of the woven handbags was fun, but didn’t quite grab my attention like the older seasons of l.a.m.b bags have in the past.


Sadly, l.a.m.b seems to have lost many of the little touches (like Gwen’s lyrics incorporated into the clothing) that initially set it apart from other brands, and the sea of much less inspired celebrity clothing lines.

Here’s hoping Gwen Stefani is back to her usual inspiring level of creativity that brand devotees are accustomed to by Fall 2012.

See the full photo set here.

All photos and content ®2011 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

ELLE’s Women In Music Video

If you’ve spent more than 2 minutes reading this blog, you’ve probably realized how much I admire Gwen Stefani. When I first heard she was shooting an ELLE cover after NYFW, I was excited to see the result. Then I found out there were multiple covers, all with amazing women musicians.

I love this video ELLE filmed interviewing each of them about what got them started in their careers, who inspires them, and what they love most about making music:

It’s truly inspiring to watch.



It seems fitting to start my first full review of NYFW off with the very last show I attended. Which of course, also happens to be the show with the most photos (Over 2,000 to be exact!). In all aspects, lamb was worth the wait, and to those of you curious to see more from the show, I think you’d agree.

I first started following the lamb brand back in 2005. It’s the one brand I own the most pieces from. And I’ve seen it evolve and watched it more closely than any other brand I can think of. What started as a small line of cute patterned dresses and sweaters, and a collection of tees/hoodies/sportswear, has slowly evolved into a full fledged fashion line. Contrary to what many think, this was not the first lamb runway show. It’s a bit disconcerting to see other bloggers who attended the show saying so.

I started my night backstage, but that’s a whole other post that will be coming soon. Everything about the runway show was amazing. From Sophie Muller’s video backdrops of thunderstorms, the northern lights, and clouds, to the models chosen, to the clothes themselves. It’s so wonderful to see lamb both referencing it’s own past, and moving forward in a new fresh direction.


This season Gwen went all out, mixing tribal, check, and other prints with tie dye, stripes, and animal print. In the hands of many, all of those elements together would be a recipe for disaster. But for a woman who’s been making and styling her own clothing since she was a teen, it works.


For those of us who aren’t afraid of color or flashy patterns, this collection is a godsend.


What I’ve always considered one of lamb’s greatest attributes, is that nearly anyone can wear it. You don’t have to wear four different clashing patterns like Gwen. A simple outfit jazzed up with one of lamb’s beautiful blazers can also look extraordinary.



Always one to pull her greatest design inspiration straight from her own life or closet, this season Gwen was influenced by Afro-Carribean Dance Hall culture. It was wonderful to see classic lamb staples like blazers, drop crotch pants, and even the return of the bum flap reinterpreted for this collection.





The collection also features some more “tame” patterned pieces:

My favorite dress in the collection! It just screams breezy summer nights to me.

Another favorite look.


More beautiful patterns!

It just wouldn’t be a lamb collection without some plaid:


The final look of the show:




Gwen herself walked the full length of the runway after the models took their final turn!




She added in a little booty shake for the photographers:

Kingston was of course waiting for Mommy at the end:


See the full set with over 150 runway photos here.


Along with her family, former lamb co-designer Zaldy was in the audience to support Gwen, a fact I found very touching. This was Gwen’s third season with her new design team. I think they’ve finally hit their stride. As glad as I am fashion week is over, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for lamb fall 2011!

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The Day I Met Gwen Stefani…Twice

It’s been such an exciting past couple of days with FNO, NYFW, and heading up north to the Brimfield Flea Market and Antique show this past weekend. I’m very behind on my posts, but have been waiting anxiously to post about meeting one of my favorite celebrities ever, Gwen Stefani.

I’ve been a No Doubt fan for about 13 years, and following the l.a.m.b brand for about 5. I’ve had about 10 near misses where I was feet away from Gwen, arrived 2 minutes too late to meet her, met the boys of ND backstage but Gwen was sleeping, etc. for years, and was starting to think I’d just never meet her. Then last Thursday I met her not once, but TWICE.

I went over to Milk Studios, because a friend was attending the lamb presentation, and there was a possibility I was going to get in to cover the event for another site. I got to the door though, and wasn’t on the list. I was so sad I almost just went home. But decided to stick it out until 5pm (when the event ended) to at least see my friend Erica, who was in from Chicago to attend. Gavin Rossdale and his children walked past right after I arrived, but I was too depressed to even snap a photo. I was so close, but so far away. I hung out and played with my blackberry for about an hour and a half. Finally, it was 5, and my friend emerged. We had a quick chat about how great the presentation was. I WILL be buying this (and probably the new laptop covers!) come Spring: Photobucket
See more photos of the collection at Style.com.

After a short wait, the incredibly adorable Rossdale family came out to a frenzy of paparazzi. I can’t imagine what it feels like trying to reach your car, and being completely mobbed. But Gwen was totally calm, even signing autographs for fans and posing for photos with Milk’s security guards. I snapped some (highly obscured) photos, and next thing I knew was right next to Gwen’s SUV. She was right in front of me, signing autographs, and I had nothing for her to sign. So I held out my arm, and had her sign my lamb cardigan. She asked if I was sure, I said yes, and the rest is history. I actually lost a lot of my lamb clothing in our house fire last February, so at first I was weary I’d made a mistake “ruining” one of my remaining pieces. But I figured I’d never see Gwen again, so I had to take advantage of the situation when it presented itself.

Gwen Stefani and Zuma Rossdale Leave L.A.M.B. 1
Gwen and baby Zuma

Gwen Stefani and Zuma Rossdale Leave L.A.M.B. 4

After all the excitement, I headed downtown to grab something to eat. I texted another friend, Alison, who was in town shopping, and found out she was at Bloomingdales waiting in line for a meet and greet with Gwen at 7pm! She had an extra ticket (thanks to her Mom!), and said if I could get there by 7, I could have it! I RAN to the subway station. And ran off, making it from the West Village to Bloomingdales in a record 20minutes. I got there, and was SECOND in line.

While we were waiting, I was interviewed by a NYC news station.

I’m not going to embarrass myself by posting the video here, and it won’t embed anyway. But I will say it was fun being on TV, even if they took something I’d said–how much money I’d spent on lamb in the past— out of context.

Gwen Stefani's Amazing Hair
Gwen waiting for the signing to begin. Love her hair.

When the event started, Anna Wintour appeared!
Anna Wintour at Bloomingdales

After a short wait, the line started moving and I got to meet Gwen again! I mentioned her signing my cardigan, and she laughed saying it probably looked like a marker smear. I agreed but said I was glad I did it anyway. She was really nice. I’ve met a ton of celebs and people admire, but have to say she was definitely my all time favorite.

Gwen Stefani,The Greyest Ghost

Me meeting Gwen. Photo via PopSugar. It’s shown up on LIFE.com and Getty Images as well!

The meet and greet quickly ended, and we hung around waiting for Gwen to leave.

Gwen Stefani Signing 1

While we were waiting, Allison and I met Tim Schifter, CEO of Schifter & Partners, the company that manufacturers l.a.m.b luxury handbags! It was really cool being able to talk to the brains behind the brand. Tim was really in to meeting the fans as well, and hearing our stories. I was so excited to meet Gwen I’d forgotten to give her one of my Moo Photo cards with one of my favorite photos ever, a picture I’d taken of her at a show in 2002. (I passed one on to Tim, who hopefully can show her the photo.)

Gwen Sefani Signing 2

Gwen finished the meet and greet not long after, and as she passed by, I stopped her and asked if I could take a photo with her! We weren’t “allowed” to take photos during the meet and greet, but she kindly obliged, and a security guard took our photo. I told her I loved her eyeliner, and she replied “and I love yours“!

This is a photo of a photo, thanks to a broken mini-card reader!

Security kept trying to chase the group of meet and greet attendees out due to “fire hazards” but we all hung around, knowing Gwen would soon be leaving the store. After about 5 minutes, we saw flashbulbs going off and knew she was rounding the corner!

Gwen Stefani At Bloomingdales Fashion's Night Out 1

Gwen Stefani At Bloomingdales Fashion's Night Out 3

Gwen Stefani At Bloomingdales Fashion's Night Out 4 Gwen and Danilo, her incredibly talented hair stylist

Gwen Stefani At Bloomingdales Fashion's Night Out 5

I didn’t end up making it to any other events for Fashion’s Night Out. But after the amazing night I had, I was pretty sure nothing could top this anyway. I hope the event continues every fashion week, as it was really great getting to see and meet celebrities, and shop in such a fun environment.

This night was definitely worth waiting over ten years for.

All Photos ®2009 RS/The Greyest Ghost
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Don’t Let it Go Away, This Feeling Has Got to Stay

Saturday night I saw one of my FAVORITE bands ever, No Doubt, perform live for the first time in SEVEN YEARS!

The last time I saw No Doubt:
Gwen Stefani 1

Gwen Stefani, October 2002, Chicago IL.

Gwen Stefani 4

I went to three of Gwen’s solo shows, but have really missed No Doubt. This band has had a greater impact on my life than any other band could even come close to. I’ve met some of my best friends, and my old roommates on No Doubt message boards. Traveled great distances to see them live, and even went to an aftershow party with the ND boys (minus Gwen) back in the day.

I was so excited to finally see them reunited on stage in New York, that I cried. Totally embarrassing, but I couldn’t help it! My friend Veronica and I joined the tour club to get presale tickets, so we ended up ultra close in the 7th row! We were so close we could see Gavin and Kingston Rossdale, and later Zuma watching “mom” from the side! I also saw Ken Ehrman, from l.a.m.b their with his family, and of course Curtis, Gwen’s long time body guard walking around.

The whole experience was perfect. The only way it could have possibly been any better would be if they had played my favorite song, “Artificial Sweetner”. The stage, the video backdrops, the costumes–everything was spectacular.
I first saw No Doubt live when I was 14 or 15 years old! They are definitely one of those bands that only improves with age, so this time around they were absolutely breathtaking. I’m pretty sure the show was sold out.

I snapped a few photos with my ancient Sony digicam. I’m slightly embarrassed by the photo quality, but what can you do. (At least you can see Gwen’s costumes, including her gorgeous Ann Demeulemeester boots that I’m very jealous of. ) I’m in desperate need of a new pocket size camera, but wanted to share my photos despite their questionable appearance. I really don’t think anything can compare to the photos I took (with my SLR) at the last ND show anyway…





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