Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 047

Last September, one of my long term fashion week goals was finally achieved: I was able to photograph backstage at the Rodarte Spring 2019 show. And it was just as gorgeous as I always dreamed it would be!!

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 004

Morgan Taylor Lead Artist Eichi Matsunaga created an Art Deco inspired nail in metallic colors with crystal accents.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 017

To get the look: Polish colors including “Give Me Gold”, “Could Have Foiled Me”, and “No Way Rosé” were used, then topped off with 3 tiny rainbow colored crystals glued to each of the nails.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 007

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 023

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 019

Odile Gilbert for TRESemmé created one of the most gorgeous hairdo’s I’ve seen in all my years of covering fashion week. The stunning, rose filled romantic hair completely stunned everyone who saw it.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 070

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 062

To get the look: stylists used the brand’s Sultra After Hours 1-inch and 1.5-inch Clipless Curling Wands. Hair was curled by alternating twisting hair towards and away from the face for a natural, loosely waved look. Tresemmé Fresh & Clean Dry Shampoo was used to add body, then finished off with Tresemmé Two Extra Hold Hair Spray to keep hair in place. To complete the look, hair was accented with fresh roses in varying colors and sizes, secured with hair wraps and bobby pins. Each of the 48 models had a custom selection of roses, by floral artist Joseph Free! The models were then paired with veils, bows, or metal hair accessories in bird or crown varieties.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 005

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 008

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 010

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 056

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 030

Hair genius Odile Gilbert at work:
Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 069

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 006

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 029

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 065

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 058

James Kaliardos for NARS created bright, vibrant looks in 3 different eyeshadow shades, which varied amongst the models.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 020

To get the look: lids were prepped with NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Eyes were then accented with NARS eyeshadows in Douro (yellow), Baby Jane (teal blue), and Domination (hot pink) in a rectangular design. Which was made extra vibrant by pressing the pigment onto the lids with a medium-sized shadow brush. To complete the look, NARS red-orange lipstick shade Powermatte Lip Pigment in “Don’t Stop” was applied to the lips of every model.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 021

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 034

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 022

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 013

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 060

Designer Laura Mulleavy

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 055

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 052

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 050

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 043

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 063

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 057

After a short break for show prep, and some unexpected rain, the show began! The vision of models in their gorgeous hair, makeup, and nail looks, combined with the beautiful collection completely blew me away.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 072

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 078

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 082

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 089

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 092

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 095

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 097

Models descended from the church and were guided across the street the Marble Cemetery for the runway show.

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 105

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 106

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 109

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 114

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 127

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 139

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 144

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 151

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 153

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 154

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 156

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2019 162

Totally a dream come true!


See the full photo set here.

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Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

For Spring 2019, Jonathan Simkhai went back to his roots, in the form of an intimate presentation, vs. a runway show. As one of my favorite homegrown NYC (now LA!) designers, I’ve been following his career since I attended his very first show. So it’s amazing to see how far he’s come, and how his design work has grown.

Backstage, things were as beautiful as ever. Grace Lee for Maybelline NY created a fresh faced look, with a focus on wine stained lips.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

To get the look, Lee applied Composer to the center of model’s lips, then quickly used BabyLips to smudge and blend it outward, before the matte lipstick dried.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019


Odile Gilbert for TRESemmé created a 1960’s inspired look with sleek, straight hair, accented by 2 small braids (one on each side). To complete the style, the ends of the braids were finished off with small wooden beads.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

The step by step to get the look: Start by washing hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to create a frizz-free foundation. Part hair in the centre. Spray TRESemmé Repair & Protect Pre-Styling Spray to prevent damage and then blow dry hair with a paddle brush. Use hair straighteners to achieve a sleek and smooth finish. Spray generously with TRESemme Dry Shampoo for texture. Then, take a small section of hair from either side, tightly plait and fasten with a hair tie. Add wooden beads for additional 60’s-style chic. Finish the look with TRES TWO Micro Mist Hair Spray to keep the look in place without creating stiffness.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019


Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

For the final beauty touch, Côte toxin free nail polish was used to accentuate model’s nails in a nice, soft neutral shade.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

The complete beauty look:
Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Upstairs, models prepared for the presentation, and posed for photographers before the arrival of the guests.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

The collection featured softer looks, and represented a departure form-fitting gowns Simkhai is known for. While it might represent a change– it was a welcome one. The collection was beautiful, hippie dreamware any woman would want to own.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Straight out of Romeo and Juliet.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019

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NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 004

I’m still in shock that I actually got to photograph this gorgeous show! I can’t wait to share every single detail next week. Until then, here are some of my favorite shots from behind the scenes:

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 003

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 006

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 002

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 007

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 001

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 005

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 008
Nails: Morgan Taylor, Hair: TRESemmé, Makeup: NARS.

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 011

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 009

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 010

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 012

NYFW SS19 Sneak Peek - Rodarte 013

All Photos and Content ®2018 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost


Fashion Week was so crazy busy this season, that things got a little behind. Here are some sneak peeks of the best things I saw on Tuesday (with more forthcoming!):







All Photos and Content ®2016 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost.

See the full photo set of Spring 2017 NYFW Sneak Peeks here.


SUNO FALL-WINTER 2016- BACKSTAGE 015 Beauty wise, SUNO is a brand known for having gorgeous, yet understated backstage beauty looks for its shows. Natural, but with a touch of quirky. For Fall, Odile Gilbert for Kérastase created a “graphic yet chic” ponytail, featuring velvet satin ribbon, to texturize models’ hair.


To get the look:

1. Prep and wash hair with Nutritive Bain Satin 1 and Nutritive Lait Vital.
2. On damp hair, apply the NEW! L’Incroyable Blowdry Heat Lotion all over the hair and Crème de la Crème to just the ends.
3. Next, part the hair down the middle and roughly blow-dry. After dry, apply Powder Bluff at the roots (for greasy roots) or V.I.P (for extra volume).
4. Then, pull hair back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Gently loosen hair around the nape of the neck to give a lived in, natural look.
5. Spray hair all over with Laque Dentelle.
6. Next, take ribbon and wrap the ponytail, crisscrossing the ribbon down the hair. Tie the ribbon once 3/4 of the way down the ponytail.
7. Finish the style by spraying Laque Dentelle all over for a flexible, versatile hold.

-Via Kérastase



NARS Director of Global Artistry James Boehmer created a clean, natural look that made the models appear “flushed and wind burned”, inspired by “aristocratic nomads”.

Products used to get the look include: On the face: NARSSkin Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer, Stick Concealer, Soft Velvet Loose Powder. On Cheeks: Leslie Audacious Lipstick On Brows: Oural Brow Gel On Lips: Unspeakable Velvet Lip Glide. Also dabbed on cheekbones and the forehead to create the sun-kissed look.


To complete the look, Danielle Candido for Morgan Taylor created a dark, strong neutral nail.

To get the look: 2 coats of Latte Please were painted onto the model’s natural nails. The nail was then topped off with Need for Speed high shine top coat.




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All Photos and Content ®2016 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost.

THAKOON S/S 2014: Backstage

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -021

Back in September, I was lucky enough to be able to visit backstage at Thakoon SS14, to cover the nail art for one of my beauty clients.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -006

Morgan Taylor polishes provided the Parisian influenced nail art for the show.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -010

Thakoon’s inspiration was a young affluent parisian girl “adorned in pearls”, so to compliment that theme Morgan Taylor manicurists used 2 coats of Adorned in Diamonds, followed by a coat of Need for Speed Topcoat.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -018

The finished look:

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -013

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -008

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -009

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -001

NARS Cosmetics’ Diane Kendal continued with the young Parisian theme, creating a fresh faced, very pink and rosy look.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -002

Products Used:
Sheer Glow Foundation on face
Anguilla Matte Multiple on cheeks
Cappadoce Matte Multiple on cheeks
Larger Than Life® Lengthening Mascara
Bali Eyeshadow on brows
Laos Matte Multiple on lips

The finished look:

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -031

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -028

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -016

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -024

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -019

See the full photo set here.

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Monique Lhuillier S/S 2013: Backstage



Monique Lhuillier’s Spring 2013 collection was inspired by one of my favorite things: the ocean. Naturally, that led the beauty to be appropriately mermaid-esque, featuring one of my other favorite things: the color turquoise.

Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics created one of my top looks of the season– an aquatic inspired dramatic blue and gold eye. “Jerry Hall on holiday in Mustique” served as additional inspiration.



Products used.

To get the look: Cover lid with Mac Chromacake in High Def Cyan. Follow with matching Electric Eel Eyeshadow, blending to outer edge of the eye. Brush Gold Metallic Pigment, mixed with Shine Mixing Medium onto corner of eyes. Apply Luxe Lipstick to lips. Finish with the application of Strobe Cream all over the body.

Val Garland’s additional suggestions to make it last all day/night: 1. Use a primer first. 2. Use eye pencil to color over lid, blending to the edges. 3. Powder over lid with translucent powder.

The finished look: MONIQUE LHULLIER S-S 2013 030


Kérastase’s Odile Gilbert also used the show’s aquatic theme to create a mermaid inspired look for hair. To get the look: Part hair in the center. Spray Double Force Controle Ultime Hair Spray from the center area of hair, to the tips. Next, crimp hair with a three-barrel curling iron to create waves. To achieve a “wet” finished look, apply Elixir Ultime liberally, topping the hair off with more Double Force Controle Ultime for hold.

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SUNO F/W 2012: Backstage

SUNO F-W 2012 112

For their fall show, SUNO’s trademark quirky prints took a decidedly military inspiration, an influence also evident in their backstage beauty looks.

SUNO F-W 2012 001

Kérastase lead stylist Odile Gilbert created an imperfect “knotty chignon on the side”, a style that would be easy for the average woman to DIY.

SUNO F-W 2012 024

To get the look:
Hair was prepped with Kérastase Lotion Densitive, and Kérastase Mousse Substantive. Next, hair was blow dried straight, and parted on the side.

SUNO F-W 2012 027
Odile at work.

After twisting hair up into a chignon, front pieces of hair were removed from the bun to give it a messy look. Kérastase Double Force Controle Ultime Hairspray was used to hold the hair in place.

The finished look:

SUNO F-W 2012 009

SUNO F-W 2012 008

SUNO F-W 2012 033

SUNO F-W 2012 023

SUNO F-W 2012 020

MAC key artist Carole Colombani created a makeup look that was “half party girl, half soldier”.

SUNO F-W 2012 034

To get the look:
MAC Face and Body Foundation was used to create a beautiful, but not overdone complexion. Pro Sculpting Cream in Copper Beach was mixed with Creamblend Blush in Ladyblush to create a rosy glow on cheeks. No product was used on lips. Eyes were lined in Eye Kohl in Teddy, and Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Mauveless was used on lids. Pressed Pigments in Day Gleam and Deeply Dashing were dusted on to add shimmer and depth to the look.

The finished look:
SUNO F-W 2012 035

SUNO F-W 2012 025

SUNO F-W 2012 044

ESSIE for Haven Spa manicurists finished off the look with ESSIE’s Jazz (taupe) followed by one coat of
Main Squeeze (shiny lilac).

SUNO F-W 2012 037

The overall, finished look:
SUNO F-W 2012 049

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And be sure to check back for the full runway photo set/show review soon!

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Phillip Lim S/S 2012

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 38

For his Spring 2012 show, designer Phillip Lim was inspired by kites. The flowing, geometric characteristics found their way not only into the clothing, but the backstage beauty looks as well.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 22

Odile Gilbert for Kérastase created a “windblown knot” hairstyle for the runway. Gilbert smoothed and straightened the hair by applying Kérastase Fibre Architecte, then blowing dry. Hair was then tied into a low, messy knot. Pieces from the crown were removed, and pinned sideways along the back of the head to give hair a wind swept appearance.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 23

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 20

NARS National Makeup Artist Francelle took Lim’s kite inspiration one step further, creating a sweeping eyeshadow look that mimicked a kite-tail.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 8

To get the look: Francelle prepped skin with PRO-PRIME Pore Refining Primer, and NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. Copacabana Illuminator was dabbed onto cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the bow of the lip to add a glowing effect. The inner lids of the eye were lined in NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte.

The crease of the eyelids were highlighted with a mix of NARS Night Life Eyeshadow and the silver color from the NARS Paris Duo Eyeshadow Palette. Eyes were finished with six coats of NARS Larger Than Life Mascara. Lips were coated with a light layer of concealer, then brushed with NARS Gaeity Blush to add a girlish tone.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 29

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 33
Some of the products used.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 2
Angi Wingle

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 9

CND Nail Tech Angi Wingle created a subtle nail “stain” that let the natural color of the models’ nail beds shine through. The “raincoat of color” goes on as a transparent, natural nail enhancer, rather than an opaque color. To create the color, Angi added 4-5 drops of CND Raspberry Parfait to CND Speedy Topcoat.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 1
While explaining the steps to get this look, I learned that the same process can be applied to old or dry nail polish. Just add a few drops of topcoat to renew the color!

The final hair/makeup/nail look:

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 12

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 25

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 36
Models preparing for a run-through

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 39
Covetable sandals

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 19
Designer Phillip Lim, mid-interview

While many of his creations are more minimalist than my personal taste, Lim’s Spring collection stood out to me for it’s use of sherbert-inspired shades, and colorful leathers.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 42

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 44

It also season after season consistently features one of the best runway soundtracks of any show I’ve ever attended. For Spring, it was Jamie of The XX’s “Far Nearer”.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 52
The raincoat that inspired this season’s nail art.

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 61

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 75

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 88

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 92

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 94

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 96

Phillip Lim S-S 2012 107

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