THAKOON S/S 2014: Backstage

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -021

Back in September, I was lucky enough to be able to visit backstage at Thakoon SS14, to cover the nail art for one of my beauty clients.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -006

Morgan Taylor polishes provided the Parisian influenced nail art for the show.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -010

Thakoon’s inspiration was a young affluent parisian girl “adorned in pearls”, so to compliment that theme Morgan Taylor manicurists used 2 coats of Adorned in Diamonds, followed by a coat of Need for Speed Topcoat.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -018

The finished look:

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -013

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -008

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -009

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -001

NARS Cosmetics’ Diane Kendal continued with the young Parisian theme, creating a fresh faced, very pink and rosy look.

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -002

Products Used:
Sheer Glow Foundation on face
Anguilla Matte Multiple on cheeks
Cappadoce Matte Multiple on cheeks
Larger Than Life® Lengthening Mascara
Bali Eyeshadow on brows
Laos Matte Multiple on lips

The finished look:

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -031

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -028

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -016

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -024

Thakoon S-S 2014- Backstage -019

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Kate Spade F/W 2012: Backstage

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 64

Kate Spade’s f/w 2012 collection is the epitome of Parisian Chic. Cute without being overly saccharin, I found myself wanting to toss my mostly black wardrobe, and embrace all things girly and whimsical.

Backstage before the show, I caught up with Deborah Lippmann, who designed the show’s nail art in collaboration with show stylist Brad Goreski.
KATE SPADE F-W 2012 18

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 38
Brad Goreski

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 08
Deborah in action

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 09

The very French-inspired nails were prepped by Deborah, 24hours before the show. Deborah Lippmann’s “Fade to Black” was painted on almond shaped nails, as a base color, after which a nail brush was used to dot on dabs of “I’m Not Innocent” to create the polka dot effect.

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 01

Stylists Creighton Bowman and Matthew Monzon for René Furterer used clip on bangs to create a graphic, mannequin like effect for the hair.

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 14

To get the look:
1. Hair was prepped with Naturia Dry Shampoo
2. Fioravanti Shine Enhancing No Rinse Detangling Spray was used to create shine, and smooth hair.
3. Hair was spritzed with Glossing Spray, then smoothed with a flat iron to create a glass-like effect.
4. Clip-on bangs, from Helena Collection, were applied to some models’ hair. (Bangs were trimmed before application, to look more natural.)
5. Vegetal Finishing Spray was used to create extra hold, and ensure the fake bangs stayed attached.
6. Finally, Myrrhea No Rinse Silkening Fluid was rubbed between the stylist’s palms and applied to the ends of hair.
(All products René Furterer)

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 19

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 30

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 46

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 31

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 35

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 44

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 43
Garance Dore, who collaborated with the Kate Spade brand, on illustrations for the Fall 2012 collection

I adored everything about the f/w collection. Once the models were prepped and the looks were complete, it was fun to see how each aspect of the look tied together. Case in point: a LOT of polka dots!
KATE SPADE F-W 2012 48
Models, pre-presentation

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 50

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 51

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 55

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 60
An adorable Kate Spade employee!

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 58

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 61

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 62

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 65
My favorite shoes from the collection, in my favorite color (teal)!

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 67

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 71

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 74

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 78

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 81

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 87

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 89

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 92

KATE SPADE F-W 2012 94

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