Patrick Demarchelier Book Signing

Last night, I arrived at Nolita’s Clic Gallery to find it fully packed with fans and friends of Patrick Demarchelier, who was doing a book signing to promote his newly released monograph. The crowd was so deep, it took nearly 5 minutes for me to check my coat, and make it to the back of the store to get in line for the signing. I recognized a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, and even made a few new friends while I waited. After a short wait, it was my turn to meet Patrick.

Patrick Demarchelier 1

He comes across as a very quiet, gentle man. Not quite shy, but close. He was most animated while talking in his native language to his fellow Frenchmen and women, but remained friendly and approachable for everyone else as well. I had my book signed, and asked him to pose for a photo, for which he kindly obliged:

Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t blink too. : )

While I was mingling, I spotted the most amazingly dressed woman in attendance:

Color! In a sea of black. Wearing a gorgeous dress she made herself from old fabrics.

The huge crowd in attendance.

A few of the prints from the exhibition:

More Patrick.

Patrick Demarchelier 3

Before I left, I wanted to ask Mr. Demarchelier a question. When I asked what sort of advice he had for young, up and coming photographers he said “work very, very hard”. When he first said it, I almost giggled for a second. It’s so simple, yet so true! Yet most people don’t do it. I think in the internet age, when any jackass can pick up a camera, shoot some drunk girls and be “a photographer”, his advice is like gold. Probably the smartest career advice anyone has ever given me. It made me want to run home and start shooting fashion stories asap.

I also got Patrick to pose for another photo for me:
Patrick Demarchelier 4
And proceeded to get so nervous taking it I used my flash when I should not have.

As I was retrieving my coat, I bumped into two of my new friends, April and Christine:

We had a very animated discussion about photography, blogging, and Michael Jackson after I drank a glass of champagne. Doing so before dinner might not have been the brightest idea, but it sure was fun.

I still haven’t made it through the whole thing, but this is one of my very favorite photos from the book:

Cate Blanchett.

My signed copy:
Patrick Demarchelier Book

I can’t believe I almost missed this event! This year, I met three people I truly admire. Now all I have to do is meet David LaChapelle, Ellen Von Unwerth and Trent Reznor. And bring Ansel Adams and Man Ray back from the dead, and I’ll have met all my big influences!

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Patrick Demarchelier at Clic Gallery

Tuesday evening, one of the world’s greatest living fashion photographers will be doing a signing in celebration of his new monograph at Clic Gallery in Nolita.

The book is available for preorder for $100, and can be reserved by calling Clic at 212-966-2766 or emailing
Clic Bookstore & Gallery is at 255 Centre Street, New York, NY.