Katie_Gallagher FW18 LOOK BOOK 005

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of documenting behind the scenes at the look book photo shoot for Katie Gallagher’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection “True Red”.

Katie_Gallagher FW18 LOOK BOOK 002

One of my favorite local designers, and someone I’ve been covering since my first ever season of NYFW, Katie’s designs continue to evolve and impress me more each season.

Katie_Gallagher FW18 LOOK BOOK 001

Katie_Gallagher FW18 LOOK BOOK 007

Katie_Gallagher FW18 LOOK BOOK 008

The clothing featured so many fun details this season. Lace up hats and leg adornments, cut outs, and as always, a lot of mesh and sheer panels.

Katie_Gallagher FW18 LOOK BOOK 003

Katie_Gallagher FW18 LOOK BOOK 004

In February, Katie presented the full collection at Mail Room, in downtown NYC. It was perfectly complemented by the dark, cavernous space. Featuring a set decorated by roses, and vintage candelabras.

Katie_Gallagher FW18 001
The backstage beauty look was one of my favorites of the FW18 season.

Katie_Gallagher FW18 002

Katie_Gallagher FW18 009

Katie_Gallagher FW18 010

Katie_Gallagher FW18 013

Katie_Gallagher FW18 011
Polka dots and lace up legging details.

Katie_Gallagher FW18 004

Katie_Gallagher FW18 005

Katie_Gallagher FW18 014

FW18 NYFW SNEAK PEEKS- Katie Gallagher 006
Katie and her models.

I can’t wait to see what Katie has in store next!


All Photos and Content ®2018 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

Adventures In DIY Studio Photography

Yea… so I’ve been MIA for a ridiculously long time. As usual, the universe has conspired to make my busiest periods, work wise, coincide with the craziest times in my life. I always take a bit of time off after Fashion Week. This season was no different– I spent two weeks in my hometown. As soon as I got back to NYC, I (this is embarrassing to even admit) damaged by nearly brand new macbook pro, rendering it nearly useless, and putting me out of commission for quite a long time. I’ve managed to get my old black macbook up and running again, so expect the last half of my NYFW posts, and some event coverage soon. And once it’s set up, a how-to post on building your own DIY at-home photo studio.

Until then, here is a teaser from my very first home studio shoot, which took place this past weekend. My friend, and long-time collaborator Casey Kettleson is working on a fun new personal project– more on that soon– and needed a photographer. Which ended up being the perfect occasion to test out my new lighting equipment. She rented a backdrop kit, and I trekked uptown to her apartment, for two days of fashion photography, and fun. While we were working on her project, we managed to get some fun new head shots to be used as promotional photos. Below, one of my favorites.

Casey Kettleson Head Shot

All Photos and Content ®2013 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

Rachel Comey Resort 2013 Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago, I was invited to take a behind the scenes look at Rachel Comey’s Resort 2013 collection photo shoot. Now that everything is officially public, I can share my photos here!


The hair and makeup were pure “natural beauty”. Which helped compliment the gorgeous, fun prints Rachel Comey is known for.


Tools of the trade.

A closer look.

The perfect, wavy hair-do.

I was surprised by the fun sprinkling of ultra bright colors into the Resort collection. And the addition of denim!


And one of my favorite things, as always– the shoes!


Love these!


The finished look, pre-shoot.

Touch ups!


Sneak peek!

Thanks to the Rachel Comey team for inviting me to hang out on set! ❤

You can view the entire Resort collection here.
Or see my full photo set from the shoot, here.

All Photos and Content ®2012 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost


Rhyannon 34

I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot with my friend Rhyannon pretty much since the day we met. I can’t remember the exact day, but considering there was still snow on the ground, I know it’s been quite a while. Friday, our schedules finally converged and we made it happen.

Rhyannon 6
Preparing for the shoot.

Rhyannon’s style is very similar to my own back when I was in high school. For lack of a better word, it’s goth. Recently, she’s been highly influenced by the character Lydia Deetz in “Beetlejuice”. She reminds me of a cross between Lydia and Roison Murphy. I see a bit of Kate Winslet in her eyes too.

Most of what she wears is vintage or clothing she inherits from friends. Together, we styled her own wardrobe mixed in with a few of my accessories like sunglasses and jewelry to create these looks.

Rhyannon 7
The accessories table.

Rather than playing dress up, we set out to document her own style and personality.

Rhyannon 32

Rhyannon 3
I’ve decided against removing my reflection from her sunglasses.

Rhyannon 5

Rhyannon 9

Rhyannon 10

Rhyannon 18

Rhyannon 12
Wearing my favorite thrift store find ever.

Rhyannon 2
My favorite shot.

Rhyannon 21

Rhyannon 22

Rhyannon 29

Rhyannon 27

Rhyannon 31

See the full photo set here.