Target Harlem Grand Opening Event


On Tuesday, Manhattan’s first Target opened at the East River Plaza in Harlem. If you live here in NYC, you know what a big deal this is. The Brooklyn (Atlantic) Target is the busiest in the US, and honestly, usually ridiculously picked over. So having another Target close by, especially for everyone in Manhattan is a godsend!

Dozens of celebrity Target fans, and past and present Harlem residents turned up to fete the store’s red carpet opening, and shop and party with local residents. I was lucky enough to be invited by Target to cover the arrivals, giving me a chance to see and photograph many of the stars myself.

One of the first celebs to arrive was Reverend Run, followed closely by Tyson Beckford.


The man does not age!

The best celeb sighting of the night (sorry guys!) came next:
Target Dog 4
Bulls Eye! I hear his real name is “Nick”. If he had been available for purchase, I definitely would have taken him home.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson, who designed special kitchen accessories just for the Harlem store!

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld:
Jessica was one of the many guests who gushed about how much she loved shopping at Target!


I was positioned right next to the house video crew. So every celeb walking the carpet stopped to talk to the cameras just barely over two feet in front of me. Every single person talked at length about how happy they were Target was finally in Manhattan, how much they love it, whether it be for buying clothes and housewares for themselves, or items for their children. It was really cute hearing how much they genuinely cared. I’ve been a huge Target fan since they first opened near my hometown in the early 90’s. Later when I was in school, there was literally not much else to do in my small college town other than going to Target. Heck I’ve been featured on their website professing my love for the store! So it really made me smile to hearing how much celebrities loved it too.

Russell Simmons and Jasmine.

Doug E. Fresh, one of the night’s performers.

Marsha Thomason, who you may remember as “Naomi” from LOST!

Model Selita Ebanks.

Illustrator Ruben Toledo, and his wife, fashion designer Isabel Toledo!

The Toledo’s collaborated on a collection of swimwear and beach accessories for Target. They (and their pieces!) are seriously adorable.


Real Housewife Ramona models one of the Toledo’s tees.

Actress Joanna Garcia.

Michelle Trachtenberg.

A lot of the photographers were a bit disappointed by her short run through the press line. She didn’t seem to be very keen on stopping for many photos. But based on my past run in’s with her, I’m really not surprised.

Kelly Rowland was the epitome of professionalism and friendliness. Not only did she look beautiful, but she was nice as can be!


She even had a brief conversation with a cameraman about one of his tattoos!

Miss New York. Another huge Target lover!

Hollis Wakeema.

Fashion designer Tracy Reese (R).

Adrienne Bailon.

Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks.

Elizabeth had a bit of car trouble on the way to the event, but she made it, just in time for one last photo op!

She’s even more adorable in person!

I’m excited to head back to Target next time I’m up in Harlem. It is a bit of a hike from my house, but definitely worth the trek if you’re nearby, or live in Manhattan. So many awesome new features, and exclusives can be found at this new store! Now if we could only get one somewhere downtown too. : )


See the full photo set here.

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The Best of What’s Going on This Week: Halloween Edition

Cool concept, horrible flyer.

* Tonight, Ladies Lotto is hosting a “future of Fashion” panel at the Tribeca Grand. I’m not familiar with Ladies Lotto, but this panel promises an inside look at the industry featuring “some of the city’s leading fashion industry experts including designers, forecasters, stylists, photographers, publicists and editors.” And there are gift bags and cocktails! More info here.

* Tomorrow night things really kick off with Ruben Toledo giving a talk and doing a signing of his new illustrated Penguin Couture Classics at F.I.T.
Thursday, October 29, 6-8 pm
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center, first floor

“Ruben Toledo talks about art, fashion, his wife Isabel, her influence on his work, and why “collaboration is the name of the game” for this Cuban-born artist. A signing of books from Penguin’s Couture Classics series will follow the lecture. The covers of Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and The Scarlet Letter feature original art by Ruben Toledo. “ Free with RSVP. Call 212.217.4585 or email .

* Liz from White Lightning hosts a party for Beauty Channel at the Korres store in Soho.

* Also on Thursday, INVEN.TORY hosts a cocktail launch party for Lutz & Patmos:

* Friday night, the Halloween fun starts with an art crawl in DUMBO with gallery events, and a dance party:

* Another Friday night extravaganza: the return of Ruff Club? That’s what I’m hearing.

There are so many events on actual Halloween night, I debated even posting since I would inevitably leave some out. But here are a few of my best suggestions, based on past year’s parties, hype, and word of mouth:

* Flavorpill’s party, which is always huge, and benefits a good cause:

* Surreal Estate’s “Heave on Hell” in Bushwick:
Just one of many “secret” Halloween loft parties going on this weekend. (Recommended by Bushwick BK.)

Narciso Rodriguez Spring/Summer 2010 Video

On Tuesday evening, I attended the Narciso Rodriguez show. I was lucky enough to be snuck in to the standing room line by a friend. And ended up being one of the few people who were allowed to enter after all the seated guests had arrived.

Narciso’s overall presentation impressed me slightly more than the clothes. I expected a bit more; to see a few more unique standout pieces from such a fan favorite. But in my opinion he didn’t take any risks or progress as much as I’d have preferred. The clothing did look great, even if it seemed to play it safe. Many celebrities, famous fashionistas, and fellow designers turned up to at the show. Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Fern Mallis, Linda Fargo, and Courtney Love are among the faces that can be spotted in the video.

My memory card filled up 3/4 of the way through, but I still managed to capture most of the looks on film.