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Rachel Antonoff Plays Dress Up

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff (27) The designer, with her new collection

One of the few remaining fashion week events I’ve yet to post about is Rachel Antonoff’s S/S 2010 presentation.

This review was originally scheduled to appear on another web site, but since mis-communication struck that down, I though I’d share it–and all of the photos I shot of the collection– with my readers here.

On the “unofficial” first night of NYFW, Rachel Antonoff presented her spring 2010 collection in a fully packed theater at Chinatown’s Henry Street Playhouse.The theatrically themed collection was presented in the round, on a stage that, unbeknownst to Rachel when she’d chosen the venue, her own Grandmother once graced.

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff

The gorgeous collection, inspired by “playing dress up”, was worn by a troupe of pretend ballerinas, orchestra players, aerialists, and tumblers. Models read books, played cards, swung on swings, and danced on balance beams while Oldies, 1960’s French tunes, and Judy Garland musicals filled the air.

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff (16)

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff (12)

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff (1)

The retro inspired clothing was dominated by shades of pastel colors. Complimented by models accessorized with bright blue eye shadow, big glasses, and bunches of flowers in their hair.

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff (13)

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff (18)

Notable faces at the event: actress Alia Shawkat, friend and muse of Antonoff, who graced the stage modeling in the “Star’s Dressing Room” scene. And singer Nicole Atkins, who was spotted checking out the collection with a small entourage of friends.

09.09.09-Rachel Antonoff (3)
Alia Shawkat as “the star”.

See the rest of the show here
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